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Eira Syazira - Google Blog Search

Eira Syazira - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 07 Jan 2012 10:22 PM PST

Single Terbaru <b>Eira Syazira</b> "Prasasti Cinta" Dalam Pembikinan <b>...</b>

Posted: 07 Jan 2012 06:00 AM PST

Bermula dengan menyanyikan lagu tema untuk sebuah drama tempatan yang agak popular iaitu Cinta Balkis dengan lagu bertajuk Istana Cinta, sepertinya membangkitkan minat Eira Syazira  untuk terus menyanyi sehinggakan pelakon tersebut   mengeluarkan sebuah mini-album yang mengandungi lima buah lagu pada tahun lepas. Kami telah mendengar mini-album terbabit, ternyata Eira Syazira mempunyai bakat dalam nyanyian dan lagu "Di Hati Ini" menjadi kesukaan kami.

Kini satu single terbaru sedang dalam pembikinan. Apa yang menarik perhatian kami adalah tajuk lagu tersebut iaitu Prasasti Cinta. Unik bukan? Lagu ini merupakan ciptaan Manusia Putih, komposer sama yang mencipta lagu Kisah Hati nyanyian Alyah.  Tentu ramai yang sudah tahu bahawa Manusia Putih adalah sebenarnya Adi Sixth Sense.

Nantikan single terbaru EIra Syazira tidak lama lagi.  Sementara itu jom dengar lagu Di hati Ini.

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Nashrin - Google Blog Search

Nashrin - Google Blog Search

Rempit Share: <b>Nashrin</b> - Fobia Cinta MP3

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 06:42 PM PST

Nashrin - Fobia Cinta MP3

notebook macintosh: <b>Nashrin</b> Homestay

Posted: 11 Mar 2012 03:38 PM PDT

Meja Solek on Kipas Siling Katil Queen Size Almari Meja Solek 2 Helai Tuala 1 Bilik
Kipas Siling Katil Queen Size Almari Meja Solek 2 Helai Tuala 1 Bilik.

Meja Solek on Nashrin Homestay
Nashrin Homestay.

Meja Solek on Pastu Kanan Katil Tu Saya Nak Letak Meja Solek Dan Cermin   Cermin
Pastu Kanan Katil Tu Saya Nak Letak Meja Solek Dan Cermin Cermin.

Meja Solek on Katil Queen  1 Unit Penghawa Dingin  Aircon   1 Meja Solek  1 Almari
Katil Queen 1 Unit Penghawa Dingin Aircon 1 Meja Solek 1 Almari.

Meja Solek on Dengan Katil Queen Meja Solek Aircond Dan Kipas Seterika Peti Sejuk
Dengan Katil Queen Meja Solek Aircond Dan Kipas Seterika Peti Sejuk.

Meja Solek on Pandangan Dari Ruang Makan
Pandangan Dari Ruang Makan.

Meja Solek on Sambil2 Tu Aku Survey Set Bilik Tido     Utk Master Bedroom  He He He
Sambil2 Tu Aku Survey Set Bilik Tido Utk Master Bedroom He He He.

Meja Solek on Meja Promosi Jualan Dapur Elektrik Menggunakan Sistem Pemasangan Bolt
Meja Promosi Jualan Dapur Elektrik Menggunakan Sistem Pemasangan Bolt.

Meja Solek on With The Best Of Friends Few Minutes Before Nikah  Boleh Tgk Both
With The Best Of Friends Few Minutes Before Nikah Boleh Tgk Both.

Meja Solek on Bilik Tidur Pertama  Master Room  1 Katil Besar Dan 1 Katil Single
Bilik Tidur Pertama Master Room 1 Katil Besar Dan 1 Katil Single.

Pierre Andre - Google Blog Search

Pierre Andre - Google Blog Search

Sunday BIZ: <b>Pierre</b>-<b>André</b> Senizergues & 25 Years Of Sole <b>...</b>

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 12:52 AM PST

Editor's Note: Our new Sunday BIZ section includes in depth features, interviews, and reports that dive deep into the issues and personalities shaping the industry—bringing the girth of a Sunday paper without a trip to the driveway or sawing down trees.

Pierre-André Senizergues with the Fall '12 etnies Bledsoe Low. Photo: Lewis

Almost 30 years ago a young French skater named Pierre-André Senizergues came to the States with big dreams and an even bigger pool of talent and ambission. Senizergues's story spawned from humble beginnings—he launched his career working at TransWorld SKATEboarding, sleeping in a car in the parking lot, before going on to not only become a pro skater and World Champion, but one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry.

Senizergues' first brand, etnies, is celebrating its 25th anniversary last year, and along that journey he has gone on to launch four more labels, shutter one, and seen numerous economic cycles, fads, and trends. During the roller coaster ride of life, Senizergues has stayed true to his vision of making the sport of skateboarding more sustainable for the people passionate about it, and the world a better place. We caught up with Senizergues earlier this year in Orange County, California for a look back on the ride, the lessons learned along the way, and what he has up his sleeve for the next 25…

You've been in the industry a long time as an athlete and entrepreneur – why did you originally get into the business side of it?

I've been in this industry for over 30 years. At one point, I decided that I needed a shoe that could perform so it doesn't get destroyed in one minute, something that can be more durable. I wanted to create something to help skateboarding grow.

I was thinking shoes can be sustainable for the sport because everybody wears them. If you can make really good shoes for skateboarding, but at the same time that other people can wear, it creates a platform for sustainability for skateboarding as a whole.

From skating to trees, Senizergues's roots are definitely showing.

You've seen a lot of economic cycles over that time. In the past, when the market dipped, it was more about fads, but recently it's been more about the economy. Where is skateboarding at now?

I've seen the up of seventies, the fall of the seventies, the up of the eighties, the fall of the eighties. Starting the cycle again now is really an economic challenge, which is different than the cycle before because the industry is much bigger now.

During 2008 to 2011, the economy contracted in general. I think the industry needed to be more efficient, and I think in general the industry is probably more efficient as a whole now. The industry has had to contract and had to make cuts, had to become more and more efficient and it had to settle itself better for 2012.

Do you think we've gotten to more or less the right size?

As an industry we're better set for 2012. I see a strong possibility that the US will come back now—there are some signs already. For Sole Tech, we decided there's probably too many brands on the market right now, too much choice for the consumer; too much choice for the retailer; too much choice for distributors, so we have to look at really choosing better. Being more focused.

That's one of the reasons, in 2011, we decided to put éS on hiatus.  It is a very strong brand, but there are too many brands so we need to focus. We see growth in Emerica, we see growth in Altamont, we see growth in etnies, and we see growth in ThirtyTwo already in 2012. I think it was the right move, putting one aside and focusing on the others.

It's really easy to say that the market needs to contract a bit to the right size, but normally when people say that they're talking about putting their competitors out of business and not looking internally at what they can do to better focus their efforts. That's a good example of looking internally to get the size correct, market wise.

Yeah, exactly. People always focus on things that are out of their control. You can't control everything. You can just focus on what you can control.

Follow the jump…

History And Other Thoughts: Book Review: Mistress Of The <b>...</b>

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 09:30 AM PDT

An impoverished noblewoman, Gabrielle de Montserrat is only fifteen when she meets her first love, a commoner named Pierre-Andrè Coffinhal. But her brother forbids their union, forcing her instead to marry an ageing, wealthy cousin. Widowed and a mother before the age of twenty, Gabrielle arrives at the court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette in time to be swept up in the emerging turbulence and to encounter the man she never expected to see again. Determined and independent, she strives to find her own freedom as the Revolution takes an ever more violent turn.

This is one of the most difficult reviews that I've ever written. Why? Because Mistress Of The Revolution by Catherine Delors is one of my favourite books ever and, even though I did my best, I'm not sure I managed to do it justice. Mistress Of The Revolution is a very captivating book that you just can't put down so prepare to spend a few sleepless nights while you hasten to reach the last page! The book is written in the format of a memoirs. In it, Gabrielle, a beautiful minor noblewoman from Auvergne now living in England recalls her childhood, youth and the French Revolution that dramatically changed her life and those of millions of other people.

As a teenager, Gabrielle falls in love with a commoner, Pierre-André Coffinhal. The two want to get married but Gabrielle's family won't hear of it and force to her to wed an old and abusive Baron instead. As a result, Pierre-André leaves for Paris with an implacable hatred for the Old Regime and all aristocrats. As for Gabrielle, her marriage is short-lived as her husband dies soon afterwards, leaving her with a daughter and very little money. She then decides to seek her fortune in Paris where she will have to make difficult choices and accept compromises in order to support herself and her little girl while striving for independence and freedom.

While at first the book is slow, but by no means ever boring, the pace quickens when the Revolution breaks out and it becomes a real-page turner. Because of the memoir format of the book, most events are only briefly described as Gabrielle herself wasn't there to witness them. But other times she was caught in the middle of the storm. She's there when the mob storms the Tuillieris and is again present at the prison massacres that occurred in September 1792 for example. At this point, being an aristocrat in France has become really dangerous and to avoid the guillotine, Gabrielle is forced to seek out the help of her former lover Pierre-André, who has become a judge of the Revolutionary Tribunal. Their love was genuine, passionate and sweet but he holds a grudge against her. What will happen when they meet again?

Not only is the story enthralling but Delors also describes the settings of the novel with such a richness of details that the reader feels like he/she is there with Gabrielle, following her around Paris and the French countryside. Also rich is the language used by the characters of the book. In the 18th century, conversations were a form of art, a way to exercise and sharpen the mind and bring pleasure to yourself and others. And that's exactly what it did for me, I felt great pleasure in reading the skilled and elaborate conversations among the characters and it's all the more astounding since English isn't Delor's mother tongue.

But it's not only the story, the characters and the settings I enjoyed. I also learned a great deal about the French Revolution, whose rapidly turns are briefly but well-described in this book and gives the reader a better understanding of this tragic historical period. Like many other nobles of the time, Gabrielle greets the Revolution with excitement, as she sees it as a way to positively change society and improve people's lives, which later turns to fear and apprehension as the Terror begins.

Gabrielle is a fictional character but lots of historical figures make an appearance in the book, from the Chevalier De Huttes, a devotee of Marie Antoinette, to the Duc De Lauzun who becomes friends with our heroine to Robespierre whom Gabrielle briefly meets. King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette also make brief appearances in the book and they are portrayed through the point of view of the people, making it easy to understand why they were so misunderstood and hated.

Mistress of the Revolution is a book that I highly recommend. It tells the story of Gabrielle, an impoverished noblewoman who tries to survive in a changing, hostile world and whose life will be tragically affected by the French Revolution. Delor's style of writing is captivating and enthralling, the world she evokes vibrant and realistic, and the story full of romance, drama, love, tragedy, passion and history that, at times, will make you cry your eyes out. It is also very historically accurate and full of details of what life was like at the time. The fact that this is Delor's first work and, especially, that is written in her second language, blows my mind even more. A definite must-read.

Available at:, Amazon UK and Barnes & Noble

Rating: 5/5

Erul af - Google Blog Search

Erul af - Google Blog Search

BLOG-BLOG HIBURAN: <b>Erul af</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 09:48 AM PST

//i&#39;m SuperGirl

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 09:54 AM PST

wanna fly there :)

please jangan moody lagi kayy :')

kalau dulu kalut heboh update entry pasal dia , sekarang pasal Akmal pula , lepas ni ? hmm :/ Ya Allah tolonglah aku sayang dekat Akmal :') Akmal i'm so sorry if i make a lot of mistake to you , please forgive me baby , iloveyouu :'D i know you love me too ! *aku memang suka perasan . Aku taknak pun kau bebaskan aku sangat , kau simpan je jealous kau , kau tak bagitahu pun dekat aku . G E R A M doe ! lepas tu kau moody , aku serba salah lahh kan ? tapi pasal kau moody , aku menangis sekali . hahaha ! kau jahat * to ewan ! member kau tipu aku ? damn it . please lah Akmal , budak fab cakap muka kau macam ERUL AF  HAHAHA . gelak golek golek *you tetap comel and awesome pada i ! *muahmuah*
Akmal bengong , dia cakap muka aku macam RIHANNA . dah na mampus muka aku macam dia ?! hahaha . aku gelak golek golek lahh kan , apa lagi :/ lawak betul lahh boyprenggg aku ni :)
 aku nak pergi KL ni , hmm :/ hopefully dapat jumpa dia ! miss you , miss you ! LDL . *muahmuah* kalau jumpa dia , the first thing aku nak buat cubit pipi dia then ajak dia pergi makan char kuey teow ! :D iloveyou ! we're same appetite , iloveyoumoreandmore ! if you were here , i don't let any girls usha you ! you jangan nakal nakal kayy ? you dekat KL nakal , i dekat MUAR nakalnakal lagii . *akujahat tauu ! hahahaha
okay baby , i love you :D

Faizal Tahir - Google Blog Search

Faizal Tahir - Google Blog Search

<b>Faizal Tahir</b> | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Posted: 29 Jan 2012 12:00 AM PST

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Faizal Tahir. ... This photo belongs to. aSMawi's photostream (1447) · Sheila Majid; Omar Syariff Layton Dayton; Faizal Tahir; NING BAIZURA @ AJL 26; YUNA. Tags. politik malaysia · asmawi yusof · ...

Anas Protege Kepada <b>Faizal Tahir</b> Bakal Pemenang Mentor 6 <b>...</b>

Posted: 25 Mar 2012 11:45 PM PDT

Melihatkan kepada persembahan bertenaga Anas malam ahad yang lepas sewaktu persembahan persaingan kumpulan A sahaja sudah membuatkan kami meremang. Bukan sahaja kami yang meremang, malah salah seorang juri Mentor 6, Syarifah Aini atau Kak Pah sendiri pun menitiskan air mata sewaktu memberi komen tentang persembahan Anas dan Faizal Tahir melalui lagu Insyallah yang dipopularkan oleh Maher Zain.

Dasyat bukan penangan Anas protege kepada Faizal Tahir ini? Apa yang kami nak sampaikan bukan itu sahaja, khabarnya ada desas-desus mengatakan yang pihak TV3 telah merancang kemenangan mereka? Ohh… betul ke?

Hal ini berlaku apabila ada pemanggil misteri seringkali meminta dan mengugut Fauziah Ahmad Daud atau Ogy supaya menarik diri daripada program terbabit. Menurut pemanggil itu lagi, kemenangan Faizal Tahir dan protege nya telah dirancang oleh pihak pengurusan TV3!

Penerbit Eksekutif Mentor 6, Mohd Suffian Isa sedaya-upaya menyangkal dakwaan terbabit dan menganggap, pemanggil misteri berniat untuk melaga-lagakan hubungan sesama mentor antara Ogy dan juga Faizal Tahir.

Faizal Tahir yang ditanya mengenai hal ini katanya, beliau mengetahui tetapi menganggap sebagai perkara remeh dan tidak mahu amil tahu. Mungkin Faizal sendiri sudah arif dalam menangani khabar angin industri hiburan.

Biasalah tu, mentor sendiri pun daripada dulu penuh dengan gimik bagi meningkatkan publisiti, mungkin kali ni peminat pula nak bagi sedikit prank pada mereka…hee

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Carian Anda?

Dicakar Pada : 26 Mar 2012 | Kategori: Berita Hiburan Tempatan | (0) Komen |

Zul Huzaimy - Google Blog Search

Zul Huzaimy - Google Blog Search

H A N F U R R ;

Posted: 25 Mar 2012 08:11 AM PDT

Only Me

~> Name ; Nur Farina bte Hashari
~> Korean name ; Han Yong Yoo
~> Nickname ; Han | Farina | Yeon[given by Uchie] | Yongie | Granny[given by Nafa] | Furr[given by Nafa]
Peekacyoo[given by Aimi] | War Jar[given by Sharon]
~> D.O.B ; 28 January 1996
~> P.O.B ; Hospital Kulai , Johor
~> Height ; 160cm
~> Weight ; 44kg [recently weight]
~> Hobby ; Dance.Writing Poem.Sleep.Prank.Listen to music.Singing.Hangul Practise.Daydreaming.Learned some new.
~> Ambition ; Doctor[DNA for sure !].Psycologist
~> Live in ; Kulaijaya, Johor
~> Blood Type ; O [+ve]
~> Belova Friend ; Nabilah Faridz.Shazatul
~> Status ; In relationship with capital [W.J] ♥
~> Lil heart-core ; Kim Hee Chul ♥

The Facts ;

|| all about meh ||
✿ Blue.Blue.Blue. All I want is .. BLUE things !
✿ Chocolate by all brand !
✿ Sneaker(s) and High Cut shoes is my favorite
✿ I love anime !
✿ I really heart Cat.Kitten(s) !
✿ I love cute stuff
✿ I will going craze if I saw lil things with Blue+Black in color !
✿ I love poem
✿ If I'm in unknown world, I'll bring note book and pencil
✿ I love mysterious world and hope i can communicate with them. (:
✿ I'm nonstop talking person.
✿ I love midnight sooo much !
✿ I love those people who have long fingers !
✿ I'm friendly person and I not deny that I'm hyper person.
✿ I hate JB & GAGA toooo much !
✿ I want to go to China.
✿ I love Kpop.Mandapop.Japan Soulmusc.Some English.
✿ My Idols in Hollywood : Avril Lavigne.Katy Perry.Jim Carrey
Bollywood : Pretty Zinta.Hrithik Roshan
Japanese : Mika.Everlast.Gloria
Korean : Ivy.BoA.Yoon SangHyeon.Lee SiYoung.Yoon EunHye
Malaysian : Farid Kamil.Zul Huzaimy.JoZan
Chinese : WuChun.Daniel Wu.Jackie Chan.Stephen Chow
✿ I love Shinhwa especially Twinkling of Paradise[TOP] song !
✿ Hate fakers,haters,copycaters,liar !
✿ Fans of Super Junior.Nu'est.My Name
✿ I'm a weirdo !
✿ I'm exist as who I am.
✿ I hate medicine.
✿ I'm not girlish in style for sure.
✿ I've naughty mighty romance mouth (:
✿ I hate mathematical but love scientifical
✿ My mood will change easily.
✿ I do I love blood soooo much.
✿ I love vampire appearance style also emo style.
✿ I can't cry easily but I can laugh immediately.
✿ I likes to do helium voice without helium gas.[chipmunk.pikachu.granny voice and etc]
✿ I'm a loyal person if you do loyal to me.

My Hee Princess

My another cloudy biasses

Super Junior ~> All included Hankyung !
Nu'est ~> All !
MyName ~> SaeYong
SNSD ~> Jessica.Yuri
F(x) ~> Victoria.Amber
B.A.P ~> Himchan
Beast ~> Junhyung.Dongwoon.Hyunseung
Miss A ~> Jia.Fei
Apink ~> Bomi.Chorong.Eunji
EXO ~> Kris
Ukiss ~> Kevin.KiSeop.Eli.DongHo
Brave Girls ~> Eunyoung
Dalshabet ~> Pani
Wondergirl ~> Sohee.Yeeun.Hyerim
T-Ara ~> Eunjung.HwaYoung
Kara ~> All !
Sistar ~> Bora
X-5 ~> Taefung
4Minute ~> Gayoon
After School ~> All exp Kahi.Lizzy

Farawahida - Google Blog Search

Farawahida - Google Blog Search

<b>Farawahida</b> pilih Mr. R. sebagai calon suami

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 07:34 PM PST

Farawahida mengakui telah merancang untuk mengakhiri zaman bujangnya bersama jejaka yang mahu dikenali sebagai Mr. R. Mula menjalinkan hubungan serius sejak empat tahun yang lalu, Farawahida bercadang untuk menamatkan zaman bujangnya pada penghujung tahun ini.

Sudah mula mengenali Mr. R sejak di bangku sekolah, Farawahida turut mendedahkan bahawa jejaka tersebut bekerja di sebuah klinik swasta. Belum menetapkan tarikh yang sesuai untuk hari bahagianya itu, tambah Farawahida dia akan memulakan dengan adat bertunang terlebih dahulu sebelum diijabkabulkan. -Via

-Komen anda itu adalah TANGGUNGJAWAB ANDA. tq.

Yuna - Google Blog Search

Yuna - Google Blog Search

Pirate! » Blog Archive » <b>Yuna</b>

Posted: 28 Mar 2012 12:07 PM PDT


"Live Your Life" (SINGLE)


ADDS 4/3/12


Music is one of the most powerful forces of unification. It has the power to heal, the power to help, the power to inspire, and the power to change.

Yuna understands the importance of music and has the ability to write songs that transcend any and all boundaries. With her soft vocals and warm acoustic guitar, this singer-songwriter crafts intriguing and infectious ruminations on life, love, and so much more.

Growing up in Malaysia, Yuna was first inspired by the universal appeal of acts like No Doubt, The Cranberries, and Fiona Apple. At the age of 19, while in law school, she picked up a guitar and began to fervently write. She released her self-titled EP in Malaysia in 2008. The single "Deeper Conversation" became a massive success and went on to win the title of Best English Song at the 2009 AIM Awards, Malaysia's national music awards. Yuna swept the ceremony, garnering Best Pop Song and Song of the Year for her Malay song, "Dan Sebenarnya".

Yuna joined FADER Label in summer 2010 and released her digital EP Decorate in March 2011, which had fans, critics from Billboard, KEXP, The New York Post, and even Russell Simmons himself, who raved, "an amazing new singer…her music is incredible", all instantly praising her talents.

Also in 2011, SPIN featured Yuna in their Buzzcatcher piece, "Eight Bands You Need to Hear Now" and she gave a stellar performance before a packed audience at MTV Iggy's "Best New Band in the World" concert in New York City. Yuna was a finalist in the "Best New Band in the World" competition and the show aired live on MTV's HD Screen in New York's legendary Times Square and was also streamed live worldwide on

In 2012, Yuna releases "Live Your Life", the first single from her forthcoming full-length album. It started getting airplay immediately at Sirius – The Loft, KCRW and KROQ. The music video premiered on MTV2 and was featured on the homepage of Yuna's self-titled album will be released on April 24, 2012.

RIYL: Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Rachael Yamagata, Kate Bush, Ingrid Michaelson, Laura Marling, Janelle Monáe
TRY: #1 (full album coming soon!)

Live Your Life by Yuna Music

Full Album Available Here:

More Info Here:!/yunamusic

<b>Yuna</b> on CONAN – Monday (4/2) | <b>YUNA</b>

Posted: 29 Mar 2012 09:27 PM PDT

Fouziah Gous - Google Blog Search

Fouziah Gous - Google Blog Search

<b>Fouziah Gous</b> Akui Bercinta Dengan Datuk Seri Berstatus Duda |

Posted: 28 Mar 2012 07:19 PM PDT

Argh ~~~ Pasti ramai yang bertambah kecewa apabila seorang demi seorang artis wanita hot di Malaysia mengumumkan status mereka sebagai not available. Yang terbaru, Fouziah Gous membuat pengakuan ekslusif kepada Mstar Online yang dia sekarang sedang bercinta dengan seorang Datuk Seri yang berstatus duda.

fouziah gous bercinta

Kata Fouziah Gous:-

Hati saya mula terbuka untuk rapat dengannya selepas melihat ketulusan dan kesungguhan dia untuk berkawan dengan saya. Malah, dia yang kebetulan rakan niaga abang saya ada menyuarakan hasratnya kepada abang untuk melamar saya.Masih terlalu awal untuk saya ulas panjang kerana kami sedang mengenali hati budi dengan lebih mendalam pada waktu ini.

Apabila ditanya tentang kelibat dirinya yang sering kali dilihat bersama dengan kekasihnya itu di acara-acara hiburan, Fouziah Gous berkata:-

Sejak dulu lagi saya tiada apa hendak sorok atau berpura-pura jika saya memang berkawan dengan seseorang. Sebelum ini, ramai yang mendakwa mengenai hubungan kami tetapi saya nafikan kerana memang ia belum berlaku ketika itu.Hanya baru-baru ini sahaja kami mula keluar dan mengenali antara satu sama lain.

Kepada yang kecewa dengan berita ini, jangan sedih-sedih. Doakanlah kebahagiaan Fouziah Gous. Kalau sudah memang tertulis jodohnya dengan Datuk Seri ini, semoga segala urusan ke arah itu dipermudahkan. Tahniah kepada Fouziah Gous sekali lagi atas berita gembira ini.

Baca Yang Ini Pulak:-

aizat amdan - Google Blog Search

aizat amdan - Google Blog Search


Posted: 30 Mar 2012 03:20 AM PDT

Lirik Lagu Jerrypah Aizat Amdan –  youtube muzik video

Lagu berjudul Jerrypah nyanyian Aizat mengabungkan dua bahasa iaitu bahasa Melayu dan bahasa Inggeris dan sememangnya lagu ini mampu memikat para pendengar muzik tanahair

Jerrypah Aizat Amdan lirik lagu jerrypah aizat amdan

Tambahan pula lagu ini sangat ceria,santai yang mudah difahami oleh semua peringkat umur dan memang untuk layan ketika beriadah atau berada di mana sahaja

Lyrics Jerrypah – Aizat Amdan

Sayangku, aku yakin
Kau sebahagianku
Sayangku, aku pasti
Takdir kita bertemu

Biarkan semua berlalu
All i know i'll always have you
Pengganti tempat mengadu
Selamanya, engkaulah.. hanya

Tak mungkin

Aku jatuh

Cinta pada yang lain

Tak mungkin

Juga Aku khianati dirimu

Biarkan semua berlalu
All i know i'll always have you
Pengganti tempat mengadu
Selamanya, engkaulah

Biarkan semua berlalu
All i know i always have you
Pengganti tempat mengadu
Selamanya, engkaulah.. hanya


Artikel Dan Info Terdahulu


Video Lirik Lagu <b>Aizat Amdan</b> Jerrypah | Sensasi Selebriti

Posted: 29 Mar 2012 04:28 PM PDT

Baru je semalam, Budiey ada perasan Aizat Amdan telah mengupload video berupa lirik sebuah lagu yang Budiey rasa sangat catchy, sangat layan orang kata, berjudul Jerrypah. Video tu bukannya video rasmi untuk lagu Jerrypah, cuma ia menampilkan Aizat memegang board yang tertera setiap bait lirik.

Memang kreatif gak la teknik pengambaran ni kerana sebenarnya, ia menggunakan berpuluh-puluh foto atau gambar Aizat lalu digabungkan ke dalam satu video. Teknik mengingatkan Budiey dengan sebuah iklan DiGi lakonan Aizat tak lama dulu yang menggunakan teknik yang sama. Tapi video iklan tu pergerakan atau pertukaran dari gambar ke gambar sangat cepat dan laju sekali.

Bagi Budiey, kali pertama dengar lagu ni rasanya masa Aizat perform kat Dewan Philharmonik Petronas tahun lepas. Entah macamana, lagu ini mengingatkan Budiey dengan lagu-lagu Beatles yang berirama pop klasik.

Menyentuh pada lirik, sebenarnya lagu ini mencampurkan dua bahasa iaitu bahasa Melayu dan bahasa Inggeris. Lirik yang mudah difahami oleh semua peringkat umur dan ia sangat best untuk layan.

Dari segi pemahaman dan maksud, lirik ini menyatakan rasa cinta seorang lelaki kepada seorang gadis.

Okaylah, korang layannnnzzzz!

Lirik Lagu Jerrypah – Aizat Amdan

Sayangku, aku pasti
Kau sebahagianku
Sayangku, aku yakin
Takdir kita bertemu

Biarkan semua berlalu
All i know i'll always have you
Pengganti tempat mengadu
Selamanya, engkaulah.. hanya

Sayangku, aku pasti
Takdir kita bertemu
Biarkan semua berlalu
All i know i'll always have you
Pengganti tempat mengadu
Selamanya, engkaulah

Biarkan semua berlalu
All i know i always have you
Pengganti tempat mengadu
Selamanya, engkaulah.. hanya


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    Selain itu, ada juga kelibat seorang pemain bola sepak yang mahu menjadikan dirinya dikenali ramai, dan mungkin sudah dikenali oleh peminat bola sepak tempatan, iaitu kemunculan Wan Zack Haikal dalam majalah berkenaan. Dah ramai sekarang atlet bola sepak menghiasi majalah selebriti, kuat aura nampak.

    -Komen anda itu adalah TANGGUNGJAWAB ANDA. tq.