Kecoh while the world home entertainment when the petite actress, Nora Danish, willing to play the passion to Glam edition magazine May / June 2012. />
About Dhiya appearance heroin drama is said to be too bold to surprise his fans. In fact, the picture seksinya turbulence, the former wife or Rizal Ashram Jejai was criticized severely.

However, until now Nora has not come forward and give an explanation, Sementelah again he was in the Holy Land along a great say on this issue. However, after returning home on Saturday, Nora still not ready.
When contacted Zass, personal assistant, Nora inform Elly can not give any answer regarding this issue.

"Nora just signed the agreement as artists MIG (Metrowealth Production). Whatever the issues that arise will be answered by the company and for now he can not give any statement, "said Elly.

However, the MIG management could not be contacted.