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Altimet - Google Blog Search

Altimet - Google Blog Search

Malaysian Hip Hop: Video : <b>Altimet</b> - Vlog #1

Posted: 30 Jul 2012 08:07 AM PDT

Hello world! (Again…) – Nazri Ishak Photography | Malaysia&#39;s <b>...</b>

Posted: 03 Aug 2012 03:53 PM PDT

Andddd I'm back.

Took me a long time, right? Lotsa things happened in between then and now such as work, more work, and more work.

Up until March this year since November last year, I was employed by a certain media company working on their "experimental video channel program. When that was done, I started up a new company called "TJTV Productions" and was soon on an amazing rollercoaster ride till today.

Yes, I'm still here. :D

Shot A LOT of videos since the last time I posted something here. A few weddings, a lot of commissioned work, plus a few music videos. This one below, is one of my favorite video featuring a good friend of mine, Altimet.

"Let's do a one take video"

I said to Altimet. He was more than eager to do it. And there's no better place to do it than Changkat Bukit Bintang, on a Saturday nite.

The place was packed with people partying, enjoying themselves. A direct contrast to what the song was talking. And with the style I picked for the final video (black & white, gritty), it fits the song well.

One random fact about this video is, besides that  it was shot in one long take, is that it was the THE ONLY take that we did for the video. Credit to my Co and Assistant Directors, @elmielmo and @Feris_Othman and the wonderful crew I have that night. Credit to Isya (@sedut999) and Epy (@Apy_Epy) from Altimet's side for a great job during the shoot.

Without further ado, I present you Altimet's "Kotarayaku – DJ Iman Remix".

Credit to Kartel Records.

Yuna - Google Blog Search

Yuna - Google Blog Search

Goapele, <b>Yuna</b> - El Rey Theatre - 8/2/12 - The LA Weekly Blogs

Posted: 03 Aug 2012 11:02 AM PDT

Goapele with Yuna
El Rey Theatre

Better than... Autotune

The El Rey Theatre is one of those venues that inspires artists to bring something special to the stage. Last night, Goapele and Yuna did just that, proving that classic soul music will never go out of style.

Opening the night was Malaysian pop artist Yuna, who has been promoting her self-titled album since April. Tall and thin in a chic red blazer, she approached the microphone wearing her signature colorful head wrap. Most of the audience was caught up in conversations and seemed not to know who this artist was. She introduced herself in a soft sweet voice, began to sing then dropped the hard-hitting bassy beat to "Lullabies." Everyone immediately shut up and looked up at her like, "Oh shit, what's this?"

When she moved here from Malaysia two years ago, the first concert she went to was Peter Bjorn and John at the El Rey. She thought to herself, "One day I'm going to play this venue." With each song backed by her one-man band Lincoln Jesser on keys, laptop, and everything else, she kept the crowd curious for what would come next. She mentioned to us later that she wants a band so bad, but at the moment it's all about keeping it simple and building a fan base.

During her set, several people pulled out their iPhones and tried using the Shazam app to recognize the songs she was playing. The app is not supposed to work for live music, only recordings. Sneaking a glance at their phone screens, we saw that Yuna sounded so clean, the songs popped up.

When she ended with the Pharrell Williams-produced "Live Your Life," more people realized who she was and those who were excited to be in-the-know made sure their friends remembered her.

Yongwonhi:Countless euphoria - blog*spot

Posted: 03 Aug 2012 11:32 AM PDT


While other have no siblings or even more than three, I have only one.
One little sister.
And yes, she's the only one that shares almost as equal amount of craziness as I do.
We fool around like nobody else's business(only in our room...)
Understood how to annoy one another, share the same passion as I am for BSMM, history(not on school base), cute well-mannered kids(we're talking about izzah and zuhayrah here!) and cute guys
I love you little sis.

Oh and umm, just incase you didn't know...

This is Izzah...

And this...

is Zuhayrah~

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Along Eyzendy - Google Blog Search

Along Eyzendy - Google Blog Search

(Gambar) Aksi Bini-Bini Perkasa |


Zul Suphian & Along Eyzendy. Shooting di tengah malam. Bersama pengarah, Ismail 'Bob' Hasim. Give me five! Aksi Yana sebagai Manja. Scene mencemaskan. Manja dan suaminya, Herry. Di set penggambaran Bini-Bini ...

Izreen Azminda - Google Blog Search

Izreen Azminda - Google Blog Search

Bakal Suami <b>Izreen Azminda</b> Larang Izreen Berlakon |

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 03:53 AM PDT

Bakal Suami Izreen Azminda Larang Izreen Berlakon

3 minggu lepas oleh cerita_apakah di

Teks oleh Syafiqah JalalKUALA LUMPUR, 11 JULAI 2012: Meskipun hanya akan menamatkan zaman bujangnya lebih sebulan lagi, dramatis, Izreen Azmindar Mohd Aznam atau Izreen Azmindar, 27, akui bakal suaminya, Muhamad Riza Baharudin sudah mula melarangnya membawakan watak antagonis yang keterlaluan.Malah, Izreen Azmindar berkata walaupun Muhamad Riza menyokong sepenuhnya kerjaya lakonannya, namun dia dinasihatkan supaya tidak membawa watak-watak antagonis seperti pelacur yang mengenakan pakaian terlalu

awi rafael - Google Blog Search

awi rafael - Google Blog Search

<b>Awi Rafael</b> Terharu, Kini Dalam Proses Buang Tatu | OHBULAN!

Posted: 28 Jun 2012 03:24 PM PDT

Dunia hiburan memang tidak pernah sunyi. Sebelum ini, imej penyanyi yang popular dengan lagu "Pulanglah", Awi Rafael telah tercalar akibat tersebarnya gambar-gambar dirinya yang bertatu. Namun, kesan penyebaran gambar tersebut telah membuatkan Awi terharu dan kini sedang dalam proses membuang tatu tersebut mengikut kaedah rawatan secara Islam.

"Saya sangat terharu. Walaupun sedih pada mulanya kerana gambar itu tersebar tetapi ia mempunyai hikmah besar di sebalik kejadian tersebut," ujar Awi Rafael.

Dia juga memberitahu selepas gambar itu tersebar, banyak pihak telah tampil untuk membantunya membuang tatu tersebut.

"Ramai ustaz yang menjalankan rawatan tradisional secara Islam menawarkan khidmat mereka selain melalui kaedah moden."

Awi turut menjelaskan kepada wartawan mStar Online yang dia sebenarnya sudah hampir setahun menjalani  proses membuang tatu tersebut secara Islam dan ia memang mengambil masa yang lama.

"Sebelum gambar saya tersebar lagi memang saya sudah buat proses membuang tatu tersebut menerusi rawatan secara Islam. Bagaimanapun ia adalah proses yang memerlukan kos tinggi selain memakan masa," dipetik dari mStar Online.

Baguslah kalau begitu, mari kita sama-sama menyokong perubahan yang telah dilakukan oleh Awi Rafael.

Sumber/Gambar : mStar Online, Gua

<b>Awi Rafael</b> Buang Tatu Cara Perubatan Islam - Zie Madini

Posted: 28 Jun 2012 09:22 PM PDT