Loy Elfira name may be regarded as new in in the music industry. However, the actor called his journey already traveled since the age of 13 years by participating in theater.

In the past, this petite story drama starring many school kids, now in tandem with increasing age in girls, Elfira Loy has started to get the attention of directors and producers to star in a drama and film revolves around teenage romance.

Starting with invitation acting alongside famous young actors from across, Randy Pangalila for drama let down to Star Dream, now owner of acting career Loy Elfira real Nurul Ahmad Sabri is slowly growing. />
In addition, at the moment only 17 years old, has already drawn Elfira personal success when receiving the award for Best Female Actor Drama drama Kum Kum on Screen Awards 2011 last year.

Little by little success achieved, the child crosses the Malay, Chinese and Arabic are also already becoming a spokesman for the international famous brand makeup, Maybelline New York.

Excited by appointment, Elfira consider performance as the happiest experience ever on harp throughout his career as an actor.

Just like a dream come true, Elfira lucky to be selected as the spokesman for the brand make-up that has been used since childhood.

"It's not easy for me to be at this because we have to go through three stages to the selection as a spokesman.

" Thank God, thanks to the hard work of the Maybelline I can see my efforts and I once chose a young ambassador for their products, "he who is loyal brand consumer products.

found during the introduction Elfira Loy as the new spokesman for Maybelline products in Somerset Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Wednesday, This heavy berkening girl for a year contract as Maybelline girl to replace the previous spokesperson, Kate Jasmay.

In the past, celebrities such as The Beatles Commissioner and Fasha Sandha never called spokesperson for Maybelline products in Malaysia.

Commenting on his first experience using the product, Elfira said he became familiar with the product from the mother, Filzah Yusoff, 46, who is also a consumer of Maybelline products.

In fact, he said, since he has fond childhood bertata makeup when you see belongs to her mother's make-up products.

"My first experience using Maybelline products are current to steal lipstick to play the mother. At that time I was a child and take it without the knowledge of lipstick my mother.

"However, when large then I know, mothers have long used this Maybelline product. Even singers since I also use Maybelline lipstick because like the color and texture offered on these products, "he said.

Compatible with Pangalila Randy

Talking about career development, Elfira once again be paired with Randy Pangalila for a new drama series to be aired on Astro titled In Love There is a Garden.

Interestingly, some scenes from the drama that will begin to find an audience in shooting this October in Paris.

Elfira already left for the west country on Thursday and said, the second time Randy has created a work with compatibility for both.

" If before this we had to join in the drama Let the Dream Up the Stars, but this second drama we were both more compatible with the new character is given.

"In fact, the drama before us both a lot depends on the script but this is more of a spontaneous and created harmony between us, "he said, who plays as Bella, girls who worked in Paris.

often acting under the direction of Michael Ang, Elfira did not want to be seen as golden child that young directors.

According to him, sometimes accepted an offer from the director right on time schedule has not been filled.

"I have also received offers from other directors such as Mamat Khalid and Datuk Paduka Shuhaimi Baba, but dropped out due to binding to the drama that is still in the shooting.

"In fact, every time my schedule is empty, the offer from Michael Ang came on time. Furthermore, I was interested to receive any offer that was given because the character that I have received different and challenging, "he said, will be starring in two films directed it again.

'Green light' for love
/> Commenting about his private life Elfira still known as the net berimej young actor admits receiving the green light from his mother to find a lover. However, the eldest sister to Ezlisa Ezzrin Loy Loy and felt it was too early for him looking for love.

"After the expiry of the SPM, the mother asked if I can not wait to have a boyfriend. But for me, it's enough affection I received from the mother and family.

"Furthermore, it is too early for me to think about the love. Regarding your boyfriend, for the moment I have nothing special but I am friends with many people, "he had never concealed anything from her.

According to the actor who is popular with the TV series Do not Take the Field We are, he wants to concentrate on her studies in Art Music course at the College Damansara Utama and also an actress. /> Want
called versatile actor who can take on any character, Elfira wish to learn various things in the arts in order to claim interest, "he said.