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Bront Palarae - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 23 Apr 2012 11:03 PM PDT


Posted: 02 Mar 2012 07:28 AM PST

For the preview filem BUNOHAN..thanx BRONT!

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Posted: 11 Apr 2012 11:05 PM PDT


Posted: 02 Mar 2012 07:28 AM PST

For the preview filem BUNOHAN..thanx BRONT!

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Posted: 05 Apr 2012 11:21 PM PDT

Bunohan (2012) [Malaysia] - Other Asian Movies (Torrent Download <b>...</b>

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 04:25 PM PDT

Description Bunohan
A.K.A. Return to Murder
Alternative Posters
o Year: 2012 (8 March)
o Directed by: Dain Said
o Produced by: Apparat
o Genre: Drama | Horror | Action
o Runtime: 1 hr 34 min
o Country: Malaysia
o Language: Malay (Kelantanese Dialect)
o Subtitles: English | Malay (selectable)
o Casts: Faizal Hussein, Zahiril Adzim, Pekin Ibrahim, Wan Hanafi Su, Namron, Bront Palarae, Tengku Azura


A complex story of murder, passion and haunting memories for three estranged brothers and their ailing father.

Ilham (Faizal Hussein), Bakar (Pekin Ibrahim) and Adil (Zahiril Adzim) are three estranged half-brothers, sons of the old wayang kulit puppetmaster Pok Eng (Wan Hanafi Su). Ilham is a hitman for a Thai crime syndicate, charged by his keeper Deng (Bront Palarae) with finding a tomoi kickboxer who fled his fight and doesn't necessarily have to bring him back alive. Adil is that kickboxer, reluctantly rescued by his friend Muski (Amerul Affendi) and brought back to his old mentor Pok Wah (Namron). Bakar is scheming to obtain his father's ancestral lands in order to sell it to developers, and has his henchman Jolok (Hushairy Hussein) bribing and threatening anyone who stands in his way. The fractured family converge on their home village - aptly named Bunohan, loosely meaning "murder" - where the spectre of Ilham's mother Mek Yah (Tengku Azura) still haunts the swamps and beaches. Their tale will be one of corruption, betrayal, despair, violence - and yes, murder. (ThatMovieBloggerFella)

o Source: DvDRip by TeamAryzs
o Type: Movie
o File Format: Matroska
o File size: 1.36GB
o Codec: AVC
o Resolution: 720x544 pixels
o Framerate: 25.000 fps
o Video Bitrate: 1 623 Kbps
o Audio: AC-3
o Audio Bitrate: 448kbps



NETPAC Award - Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2011
Official Selection -  Toronto's International Film Festival (TIFF) 2011
Official Selection - International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) 2012

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Posted: 03 Mar 2012 12:00 AM PST

BLOG-BLOG HIBURAN: <b>Bront Palarae</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 12:00 AM PST

Jalan Pintas Movie Screening (2nd – 6th May) | The Actors Studio

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 05:00 PM PST

The title of the 65 minutes feature film is JALAN PINTAS. The film was directed by Namron and had it's premiere at the Freedom Film Fest last year.

This independently produced film is in Malay and runs at approx. 65 mins and was shot on HD (Canon 5D). It also stars Bront Palarae, Zahiril Adzim and Sharifah Amani.

Presenter: Rat Production & The Actors Studio

Genre: Movie Screening

Date/Time: 2 – 5 May 2012 @ 830PM    &    6 May 2012 @ 3PM


Tickets: Admission by RM10 donation

Language: English and Malay

Buy Ticket
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Posted: 06 Mar 2012 11:30 PM PST

FightBah!: Tomoi Movie: Bunohan

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 05:56 PM PST

A new Malaysian made movie called Bunohan is out for fans of Tomoi/ Muaythai kickboxing!
Check out the trailer here:
What we also found out about the movie is that it actually won some awards overseas:
World Premiere @ Toronto Int'l Film Festival (8-18 Sept 2011) - Discovery 

US Premier @ Austin Fantastic Festival (22-29 Sept 2011)

Asian Premier @ Taipei Golden Horse (Nov 2011)

*** *** ***
Here are some info about the movie as from
their facebook page:

BUNOHAN is set in the secluded mangroves of Malaysia. Three brothers return to their home, each with their own path and each with their own fate. Kickboxer Adil, the youngest, is on the run from an illegal fight, while Ilham, a hired assassin and the oldest brother, hunts for his next prey. It is the middle brother, Bakar, an opportunist, that sets them all on a collision course of deceit, regret and murder. As quickly as their lives reunite, their ties are forever ripped apart.


Faizal Hussein, Zahiril Adzim, Pekin Ibrahim, Bront Palarae, Namron, Wan Hanafisu, Hushairy Hussin, Amerul Affendi, Jimmy Lor, Tengku Azura

Directed, Screen Played & Written by:

Dain Said

*** *** ***

We also found this trailer at their official youtube account here.

Check out this "the making video".

What got us most excited is that (at minute 10:45) we see Mr. Marzuki helping to choreograph the Tomoi fight scenes for the movie. For the readers info, Mr. Marzuki is also the organiser for the recent F3 event & a very active Muaythai activist. He is a legit Muaythai teacher and with his guidance FightBah believes the movie to pack some interesting fight scenes to watch.

In fact (at minute 12:10) "Kipas Lanun" a well known Malaysian Muaythai fighter will cameo as 1 of the fighters in the movie for the Malaysian fight fans.

Bunohan will be showing in the following location:


- Cathay Cineplex City Sq. 

- GSC Pelangi Leisure Mall JB
- LFS Segamat


- GSC Mid Valley (w/ English subtitles)
- GSC Pavillion (w/ English subtitles)
- GSC Berjaya Times Square
- MBO Festival City Mall Danau Kota


- Grand Cineplex Sg. Petani
- LFS Mahkota


- GSC Mega Mall Kuantan


- TGV Kinta City, Ipoh


- LFS Bukit Jambul


- LFS Riverside Kuching


- TGV Sunway Pyramid (w/ English subtitles)
- TGV Bukit Tinggi, Klang
- TGV Mines Sri Kembangan
- Cathay Cineplex Mutiara Damansara
- MBO Space U8 Mall Shah Alam
- LFS Kuala Selangor


- TGV Mesra Mall

BRUNEI (Dari 15 Mac)

- Jing Hua Cineplex 

For more info on Bunohan check out their official site here. See you in the movies!

Is BUNOHAN This Century&#39;s Greatest Malay Movie?

Posted: 05 Mar 2012 02:13 AM PST

Bunohan is a movie that is starting to gain popularity regarding its greatness long before it is even screened in cinemas.

Since the movie trailer was shown on Youtube last year, local movie lovers and activist start to feel that it would bear its own standard in local and international film industry.

It is proven true.

Even earlier the movie was sniffed out by Universal Pictures who successfully obtained distribution rights.

Since it was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, September last year, the movie produced by Nandita Solomon also managed to penetrate several other festivals including the 2011 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, 2011 Sao Paolo International Film Festival, Palm Spring International Film Festival, 2011 Asia Film Festival in Bali, 2012 Rotterdam International Film Festival and the 2011 Fantastic Fest in the United States of America.

Besides that, Bunohan's impressive storyline which features Faizal Hussein, Zahiril Adzim, Pekan Ibrahim, Bront Palarae, Nam Ron, Wan Hanafi Su, Sofi Jikan and many more has been marketed successfully in nearly 30 countries including United Kingdom (UK), France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

The latest, this movie was also highly praised by Rembau Member of Parliament who is also UMNO Youth Leader, Khairy Jamaluddin.

In an interview with a newspaper recently, its director Dain Said described Bunohan as a manuscript born from a sincere heart and is also close to his heart.

What more, raised in Tumpat, Kelantan, Dain was very impressed with tomoi activities which became a mandatory activity and generates economy from tomoi clubs.

"It could be said that Bunohan was born from my experience and perception when I was small who saw how tomoi activity which actually has a metaphor behind the definition of violence that is often labeled as.

"It really connects their family ties through business at the same time giving me an idea to write this manuscript.

"Maybe some do not know, Bunohan is also a place in Kelantan," he said telling that the story of Bunohan was already in his mind since five years ago before he directed his first movie, Dukun.

However said Dain, the tale of tomoi is not the backbone to Bunohan's narrative story but actually shows family relationship between three siblings played by Faizal, Zahiril Adzim and Pekin Ibrahim.

Bunohan is a story about Adil who was involved in a deathly tomoi competition in Thailand, however he was saved by his best-friend, Muski. Because he violated the rules, Adil is hunted by Ilham, a killer hired by the organizer of the illegal competition.

Muski brought Adil back to their hometown, Bunohan. Without realizing it, Ilham is his step-brother who has not return to his hometown since he ran away as a teenager, after his parents divorced. Ilham tracked Adil to Bunohan.

There, Adil's older brother, Bakar also returned to the hometown with an excuse of taking care their father who is sick. Actually, he has an evil agenda.

Wow…actually I am quite excited when I read the comments, trailer and the movie's storyline.

Could it be true that Bunohan is this century's greatest Malay movies?

Watch it in cinemas starting this March 8…. -Syahril A. Kadir (

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Posted: 21 Apr 2012 11:35 PM PDT


Posted: 21 Apr 2012 01:23 AM PDT
Title: Bunohan ~ Type: Movie ~ Genre: Malay Thriller Drama ~ Year: 2012 ~ Length: 1 hour 37 minutes ~ Writer & Director: Dain Iskandar Said ~ Producers: Nandita Solomon / Apparat ~ Casts: Faizal Hussein, Zahril Adzim, Pekin Ibrahim & Bront Palarae UNOHAN is a Kelantanese cinematic experience. This thriller drama is presented in the Kelantanese dialec (Klate) all the way. Not coming from the state of Kelantan, I was forced to read the subtitles save for some few words that I understand. Even the word Bunohan was pronounced Bunoh'e. The actors must have practised speaking Klate real hard because those actors,... I don't think they are Kelantanese. Nevertheless, the movie is fantastic. I was surprised to have enjoyed a relatively simple story. That has to be because of a very well production work done for it. Two thumbs up for Dain, the writter and director. Bunohan literally means "murder" in Bahasa Malaysia. No doubt the movie does have a lot of murderous scenes, but what is interesting is that, the movie was shot at a town called Bunohan near the border of Malaysia-Thailand in the state of Kelantan. I must say that the cinematography is fantastic. Kelantan offers beautiful scenery in the villages, forests, beaches, etc. That, coupled with brilliant angle, effects and 'poetic'ally organised photography, produces a magnificant piece of art work from cinematography point of view. It creates the mood necessary for the movie, i.e. dark and suspense. My favourite scenes are the ones involving a grave yard by the beach where you can see hundreds of tomb stones sticking out from the sandy beach that is flanked by a melancholic ocean waves as if saying good bye to the departed and sheltered by the dark clouds above.

My initial thoughts when I heard that Faizal Hussein was going to be in it wasn't that impressive because I could not imagine how someone like him can bring a dark role. Faizal is famous for his acting as playful teenager given his boyish look. It seems that he has lost that boyish look and has gone brutal - Magnificent acting by Faizal! Bront Palarae has always been a good actor. The only issue here is that he doesn't appear as much as I hoped he would. Zahril is a new and young actor who proved himself well in a TV-drama series Juvana. In Bunohan, Zahril elevated his career and acting quality. Pekin on the other hand is a mysterious one. I have never seen him before. For a mysterious guy, his mysterious acting was somewhat appropriate as well. The cinematography and acting present a quality worthy of the label "new age Malay movie" that can only manifest itself from a job well done by the director, Dain.

... an assasin who finds himself back in his hometown, Bunohan, for a 'job' to eliminate a tomoi (kickboxing) fighter named Bunga Lalang ...
The story line is relatively simple but powerful enough to create necessary actions surrounding it. It is about a battle over the custody of a land by the beach side which is used as a grave yard to the people of Bunohan. Three brothers have differing opinions over the matter. The eldest, Ilham (Faizal Hussein), is an assasin who finds himself back in his hometown, Bunohan, for a 'job' to eliminate a tomoi (kickboxing) fighter named Bunga Lalang - only to find himself caught in a family dispute over custody of his father's land. The three brothers, it seems, share different mothers. Bakar (Pekin), a younger brother, is determined to win custody over the land as he has secured a viable development project that can only proceed if the land is available. The youngest of them all, Adil (Zahril), left town in protest of his brother Bakar and finds his way in the rough-life of Thailand. Ilham was accompanied by a fellow assasin, Deng (Bront), a dark character who knows no mercy. The deal gets thougher when the death of Bunga Lalang may not be achieved when the mysterious Bunga Lalang is actually the wonderer in Thailand who ran away from his family because of a land custody dispute. Apparently, Ilham has lost contact with his half-brothers too long that he had no clue that his target, Bunga Lalang, is no other than his half brother, Adil. When family gets intertwined with business, it gets messy. What is more interesting is that, Bunga Lalang had to return to Bunohan for a tomoi fight to settle old debts of his guardian, a tomoi-house-master. In Bunohan, they all met. Everything that needs to happen, happened, inclusive of bunohan (murder). In the end, the land where "hundreds of tomb stones sticking out from the sandy beach that is flanked by a melancholic ocean waves as if saying good bye to the departed and sheltered by the dark clouds above" had to fall under someone's hand. Whose hands will it be? Well, for you Malaysians, please support local industry! The movie is no longer in the cinemas but the original DVDs are available.
... hundreds of tomb stones sticking out from the sandy beach that is flanked by a melancholic ocean waves as if saying good bye to the departed and sheltered by the dark clouds above ...

Mia Sara - Google Blog Search

Mia Sara - Google Blog Search

<b>Mia Sara</b> Nasuha

Posted: 09 May 2012 02:22 AM PDT

I don't know why, but it seems like Mia Sara Nasuha is quite famous nowadays. I wrote an entry about 'sekali lagi', a movie played by Shaheizy Sam, Lisa Surihani and Mia Sara Nasuha before. Lisa Surihani and Mia Sara Nasuha has brought many visitor to my blog although I only mention their name once or twice! So, I decided to share with you some of the pictures of Mia Sara Nasuha. I love these pictures! She is adorable... 
note that i am not the owner of these picture. i did not own the copyright. i just share them because these picture of mia sara nasuha is so cute! hehe... 

najwa latif - Google Blog Search

najwa latif - Google Blog Search

SharingMovie | <b>Najwa Latif</b> – Kosong Official Video HD 1280p*1080p

Posted: 09 May 2012 06:45 AM PDT

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Najwa Latif – Kosong Official Video HD 1280p*1080p. admin 05/09/2012 VIDEO HD No Comments. Please choose anylink below.It has two part.After you download part 1 and part 2 , you need to extract this file with winRaR ...

Lisa Surihani - Google Blog Search

Lisa Surihani - Google Blog Search

Imej Baru <b>Lisa Surihani</b> | Oh! Artis | Dunia Gosip dan Hiburan <b>...</b>

Posted: 07 May 2012 11:25 PM PDT

Hantar ke Twitter! | Bookmark Share

Lisa Surihani atau namanya Lisa Surihani Mohamed, 26 mengakui terlalu sibuk sehingga masih belum sempat memasak untuk suaminya, Yusry Abdul Halim yang merupakan seorang penerbit, pengarah dan pelakon. Namun begitu, tidak menjadi masalah besar bagi mereka kerana Yusry juga sedang sibuk dengan pasca penerbitan filem terbarunya – Vikingdom.

Lisa yang mendapat gelaran Pelakon Wanita Terbaik Festival Filem Malaysia ke-23, mengakui dirinya sangat bahagia selepas bergelar isteri tetapi masih lagi dalam proses menyesuaikan diri dan mengenali antara satu sama lain dengan lebih rapat.

"Yusry banyak belajar mengenai diri saya dan kami saling memahami kerjaya masing-masing walaupun kurang meluangkan masa bersama dek kerana jadual saya yang padat dengan lakonan dan Yusry pula yang sedang sibuk dengan pasca penerbitan filem terbarunya."

"Saya tiada masa untuk memasak kerana kesuntukan masa. Kali terakhir saya memasak untuknya ketika kami berbulan madu di di Jerman."

Yusry seorang yang tidak cerewet. Dia tidak memilih dan makan apa sahaja kecuali masakan Itali dan Korea.

"Yusry jenis yang makan apa saja dan amat menggemari masakan yang berasaskan sambal seberti sambal sotong dan juga masak lemak. Saya kini dalam proses untuk mempelajari memasak masakan kegemarannya."

Lisa yang sudah bersedia untuk menerima cahaya mata hanya berpesan untuk kita sama-sama mendoakan mereka. Terbaru, Lisa sedang sibuk dengan penggambaran filem arahan Jason Chong bercorak 'psycho thriller' dan "Dendam Orang Mati" yang memaksanya memotong rambut pendek untuk filem terbitan KRU Studios itu.









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1. Take a look one by one ads here and click it if you think you love it. Then, dare to try it.
There is no SCAM advertisement here!! We swear!!

Fasha Sandha - Google Blog Search

Fasha Sandha - Google Blog Search

ReeneeRaaid: More details about <b>Fasha</b> and Jejai&#39;s Nikah Ceremony

Posted: 09 May 2012 07:36 PM PDT

After 7 years relationship, popular actress Fasha Sandha, 28, has married to entrepreneur Rizal Ashram also known as Jejai, 36 on 27 April 2012. The couple were married by Fasha's father at 9.40 pm and was witnessed by KL Religious Dept marriage, Mohd Sahirman. After declared the marriage vows twice, Jejai officially became Fasha's husband. The marriage is the first for Fasha and Jejai's second. 
Fasha received a dowry of RM8,888.88 as Jejai's favourite number but declined to reveal the amount of wang hantaran received.

The solemnization ceremony themed lavender was held at Crown Plaza Mutiara Hotel on friday night. The ceremony was attended by about 250 invited family, celebrities as well as representatives from the media. Linda Onn was the emcee of the ceremony.

The important people who were involved in the ceremony including:

Official Photographer: Ryaniez Moments Photography
Official Videographer: CST Production

Make-up Artist: Saidatulnisa Aminuddin

Fasha look radiant with her white contemporary tradisional baju kurung which was designed by Riezman Ruzaini and tailored by Saidatul Nisa. 

Fasha received 7 hantaran from the groom including a Louis Vuitton bag, a copy of the Quran and prayer mat, a ring, chocolates, a Samsung Galaxy Note, mas kahwin and tepak sireh.
In return, Jejai received 9 hantaran including a prayer mat, tepak sireh, a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, Louis Vuitton necktie and belt, a motivational book, a set of Dolce & Gabbana male grooming products, chocolates and a ring.

The hantaran decoration was done by Ari Wedding Couture
(To view hantaran pictures, please click HERE and HERE)

Their wedding reception will be held in Bali with 100 invited guests and they have chosen Redang Island as their honeymoon location. For more pictures, you can view them HERE
Click HERE if you want to watch their video

**All images were taken from ryaniez moments FB album.

<b>Fasha Sandha</b> Kini Sah Menjadi Isteri Rizal Ashram Dengan Dua <b>...</b>

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 05:49 AM PDT

Alhamdulillah. Selepas beberapa tahun menyemai cinta antara mereka berdua, Fasha Sandha & Rizal Ashram (Jejai) selamat mengikat tali pernikahan sekitar jam 9.45 malam tadi.

Pengantin perempuan, Fasha Sandha anggun dalam persalinan berwarna cerah rekaan eksklusif Rizman Ruzaini dan hadirin boleh nampak yang aktress ini tampak berseri seri.

Majlis pernikahan mereka sebenarnya agak eksklusif kerana hanya sekitar 300 jemputan sahaja yang dibenarkan masuk & dengar khabar ada juga yang berani hadir tanpa jemputan.

Tahniah buat pasangan ini yang kami kira sudah banyak kali mengharungi cabaran sepanjang hubungan mereka berdua & kami berharap ikatan sah mereka ini bakal kekal selamanya.

Ingin menatap wajah bahagia Fasha Sandha & Rizal Ashram sepanjang majlis pernikahan? Layarkan paparan skrin anda ke bahagian pertama & bahagian kedua liputan bergambar kami.

Sebagai pengetahuan anda semua, majlis resepsi perkahwinan Fasha Sandha & Rizal Ashram ini bakal berlangsung di pusat peranginan Bali, Indonesia dan hanya akan di'hadiri oleh 100 jemputan khas. Lebih eksklusif & bermakna buat pasangan ini.

Kredit Foto: @sultanmuzaffar of GUA

Zahiril Adzim - Google Blog Search

Zahiril Adzim - Google Blog Search

<b>Zahiril Adzim</b>: apalah daya


Drama Komedi PAAN PAIZ. Rabu 9 malam, TV3 13 Episod. Buku Bogel Menuju Tuhan. Antologi Puisi dan Catatan Zahiril Adzim RM30 Hubungi dan Faisal Mustaffa ...

Elfira Loy - Google Blog Search

Elfira Loy - Google Blog Search

(TAHNIAH)<b>Elfira Loy</b> Duta Baru Maybelline, Ganti Tempat Liyana <b>...</b>

Posted: 08 May 2012 11:28 PM PDT

Rezeki ayam nampak di kaki, rezeki Elfira Loy pada bibirnya. Amcam ok tak pepatah baru Abang Nara? Elfira Loy yang sedang popular dengan drama Jangan Ambil Padang Kami khabarnya telah dilantik menjadi duta baru Maybelline menggantikan tempat Liyana Jasmay. Jutaan tahniah kepada Elfira atas berita gembira ini.

elifra loy duta baru maybelline

Menurut portal Murai, Elfira Loy yang berusia 18 tahun akan diperkenalkan di sebuah majlis yang akan diadakan esok. Gambar di atas ialah antara gambar-gambar yang diterima di dalam kad jemputan. Elfira Loy nampak menarik dengan gaya-gaya yang berbeza. Apa pun tahniah kepada Elfira Loy atas berita gembira ini. Semoga selepas ini akan lebih popular dan lebih banyak menjadi duta syarikat terkemuka.

Baca Yang Ini Pulak:-

Nora Danish - Google Blog Search

Nora Danish - Google Blog Search

Kasih Aleeya & Kasih Amaani: <b>NORA DANISH</b>. ALAHAI...

Posted: 09 May 2012 05:01 PM PDT

Saja nak kontroversi kepoci kaknam sikit.
Nora Danish dalam Magazine Glam untuk lelaki... masa tengok gambar nie, rasa macam hrmmm..kenapalah amik gambar macam nie.. gila ok.. ke memang trend artis Malaysia sekarang nie berlumba-lumba nak seksi.. kalau jadi artis tu.. kena lah pikir sensitiviti rakyat malaysia, sensitiviti masyarakat islam... tapi yelah, siapa kita nak bunyik banyak-banyak.. dah dia yang rela nak pose maut macam nie.. mautlah sangat ;)
-pic credit to rotikaya- 
(haritu jumpa abang-abang rotikaya masa event petronas klcc, aku boleh cakap kat diorang, ohhhh macam pernah dengar blog rotikaya, serious bangang nak mampos fillanie tau) hahahaha... 


<b>Nora Danish</b> Menunaikan Umrah

Posted: 28 Apr 2012 10:43 PM PDT

masis 2 bulan 18/4/2012-18-6-2012

shamsul mbsb 1 bulan 29/4/2012-29-5-2012


Sewaktu perkahwinan Fasha Sandha dan juga Jejai Jumaat lalu,Nora Danish telah terbang jauh membawa diri dan hati ke Tanah Suci Mekah untuk ,enunaikan umrah.

Berikut beberapa keping gambar milik Nora Danish sewaktu menunaikan umrah bersama dengan ibunya. Nampak manis dan sopan Nora bertudung kan? Sejuk mata melihat beliau begini, semoga Nora Danish istiqamah sentiasa dalam beribadah, lagi-lagi selepas menunaikan umrah. Doakan Nora Danish terus memakai seksi-seksi lagi.





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Gambar Nora Danish Menunaikan Umrah, 5.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings


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Hans Isaac - Google Blog Search

Hans Isaac - Google Blog Search

BLOG-BLOG HIBURAN: <b>Hans Isaac</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 09:19 PM PDT

Kechik Itu Comel: <b>Hans Isaac</b> Dan Neelofa Bercinta Ke?

Posted: 07 Feb 2012 06:47 PM PST

assalamualaikum u ol..
KIC pun tak pasti ini sekadar gosip atau pun memang benar2 berlaku..
sebelum ni pasangan ni memang dikatakan bercinta..
tapi masing2 menafikan dan lebih senang menyimpulkan 
hubungan mereka hanya sebagai kawan..
tapi kebelakangan ni semakin rapat..
ada yang terserempak Hans Isaac dan Neelofa keluar bersama
macam pasangan kekasih di sebuah pusat membeli belah di Damansara..
baru2 ni pun di Melodi ade mendapatkan penjelasan dari Hans dan juga Neelofa..
tapi masing2 macam tarik tali je..
KIC pun ada terbaca di twitter Neelofa yang dia pergi ke tayangan malam Lawak Ke Der
di Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur baru2 ini..
tapi mungkin hanya sebagai kawan2 artis yang lain..
tapi agak sweet bila Neelofa memanggil Hans Isaac sebagai Mr.H di twitter nya..
tak pe lah..mungkin mereka hanya rakan artis dan masih
mengenali hati budi masing2..
bagi lah mereka peluang..
kita sebagai peminat doakan lah apa yang terbaik untuk mereka.. =)
kalau mereka bercinta pun apa salahnya..
masing2 single..belum berpunya..=)
mereka makin rapat selepas pengambaran filem Lemak Kampung Santan
Hans & Neelofa sebagai hero & heroinnya..
dengar khabarnya filem ni akan ditayangkan akhir tahun ni..=)
gambar2 kat bawah ni pun KIC ambil dari album Neelofa 
berkenaan filem terbarunya ni..
P/s: Share lah entri ni dengan kawan2 korang pulak. Hanya klik button kat bawah ni..Sharing is caring..TQ