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Aliff Aziz - Google Blog Search

Aliff Aziz - Google Blog Search

<b>Aliff Aziz</b> does not want the story &#39;love chapter&#39; |

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 11:25 AM PST

                                                     SINCE his love story marred by controversies in the past year, the singerDo not Disturb My boyfriend, Aliff Aziz seemed tired to share aboutprivate life again.
 This time, Aliff prefer to talk about career than her personal life.
 Relationships fail love with an actress, Anne Ngasri around September.
 Aliff said he will be more careful in sharing her personal story for public consumption in the future.
 "Yes (more careful) … I think the fans want to know, but ascelebrities, we should be professional, do not openstory because sometimes we get things returned back towe 'in a bad Ways'.
 As Aliff wrong recently.
 "So, I do not want to tell that chapter, but this year, insha-Allah,Aliff be more creative works of more controversy, "he toldThe Star Online when met at Carnival Karangkraf.
 When asked about his status now after nearly five monthsgive love, Aliff refused to give any status.
 "Aliff do not want to put any status. Aliff feel enough is enough,Aliff told me about it (love). (Year) 2012 Aliff already affectedincident which many lessons Aliff. So, do not want to be Aliffchapter's story very much (love).
 "Aliff feel for this year, Aliff be plenty to answer questionsabout jobs. That would be nice. Aliff want to reduce controversy andFluent performance increase as a celebrity. Aliff feel Aliffowe the (performance) of Aliff fans because they supporting Aliff from the beginning until now, "he said.
 Touching on the controversy continued, Aliff chance to apologize to thefans as well as promising to avoid controversy after this.
 "Aliff know when controversy hit, they (fans) also feel difficult it was.
 "So, Aliff want to apologize to all supporters Aliff. Dear who still support much thanks.
 "Aliff promises will make the best of this year and avoid controversymuch as possible, "he said, which will begin filming telemovie.
 Although also involved in acting, the 22-year-old singer is determined to continue his career as a singer.
 Speaking about his career, Aliff said fourth album will be issued this year.
 "Aliff was gathering 'material' for Aliff fourth album to be out this year," he said.
 Storytelling about singing and acting, Aliff admit desperately trying to do the best in both of these areas.
 "Aliff more like singing. Aliff Aziz known as a singer butthe play is also an art. Aliff interest to both so, Aliff will try my best to do a good job in both areas.
 "But somehow, Aliff still a singer," he said.

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