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Take A Stroll Down &#39;Sixth Street&#39; With <b>Yuna</b> » SOULBOUNCE.COM

Posted: 07 May 2013 02:23 PM PDT

After teasing and pleasing with songs "I Wanna Go" and "Let Love Come Through," Yuna's Sixth Street EP has finally arrived. As the first official follow-up to her self-titled debut album from last year, the Malaysian-born vocalist continues with the same lush elegance and precise poetics that the album and her excellent hit single "Live Your Life" contained. Still even Yuna herself has noted that this project is a new chapter for her as she has developed an even keener sense of musicality, and she is not off the mark about that as she provides acoustic dream-pop ("Young Again"), takes in a little jazz lounge material ("Right Away") as well as gives spirited symphonic up-tempos ("Musician") proving her vast range and growth is admirable. Something is definitely for everyone on Sixth Street, and by taking a purchase over at iTunes, you too can take a stroll down it to catch Yuna's summer soft vibes. If that is not enough Yuna for you, Stageit is hosting an online live show tonight (6 pm PST) to celebrate the EP's release. To purchase your ticket to catch the show, click here.

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