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Wrought & Found | [PANK]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 06:00 AM PST

Original poems and found images

~by Mia Sara


Red Shoes(1)

Buyers Remorse


I ordered it, this stark white box.
I called it, and so it came.
Over seas, through air, shuttled
up hill in the back of a van.

I could say it's a bag of onions,
or a small haunch of veal,
maybe even a thanksgiving turkey,
but, I know better.

I put my ear to its walls. The dummy
leather gives nothing away,
Its wide maw muzzled with tape.
I wonder if it hurts.

I wonder if it's mine at all.
The shape is familiar, but the name
escapes me, like waking up to find
that sleeping stranger in your bed.

Do I feed it, fuck it, or eat it whole?
Devour the evidence of my transgression.
But what if this is it, the phantom limb,
curled like a kitten in crinkly black tissue?

Has it ached for me too? Will it still fit?
Will it be angry, having come so far in a dark box?
Maybe it will bite my nose. I paid for it, so
it must belong to me.

Will I open it and risk the fall? The big reveal
of the same tired show-girl, dressed to kill
in her brand new shame. Or, first thing tomorrow,
send it back from where it came?

FedEx machina.


Mia Sara is an actress and poet living in Los Angeles. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in poemmemoirstory, Pembroke Magazine, The Write Room, PANK, Cultural Weekly, The Kit Kat Review, Forge, The Dirty Napkin, St. Ann's Review, among others. For more please visit:

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