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Aaron Aziz - Google Blog Search

<b>Aaron Aziz</b> Not Deny Actor So Kids |

Posted: 04 Jul 2012 02:16 PM PDT

class="story_image center; style="width:314px">  Aaron with his wife, Diyana and three light in their eyes.

PETALING JAYA: popular actor Aaron Aziz will not be prevented if the children want to follow in his footsteps as an actor or other branch of art.

Aaron said he had no right to determine the future of his children because they have the right to make decisions on their future.

"As a father I will not stop any of their ambitions for it is the will and choice.

"What can I can do is support each of their decisions when they will," he said to mStar Online .

Add Aaron, the production also has several times told to take her as a child actor, but felt it was too early to give them work.

"A lot of people mintak I want to take them a taste but they are still small to work. Maybe one day I allow, "he said.

In the meantime, Aaron does not deny any of her three children exposed to the Danish Anaqi, 8, Dual Ariana, 6 and Dahlia Arissa, 2 years, when often lead them to a location shoot.

Aaron said, apart from the exposure to children, he also wanted them to understand what he did as a source of income besides being able to spend time with them.

" Sometimes my schedule is very busy so no time to meet the children so the best way is take them all to filming location.

"So far they do not complain if they follow you even if a film has been out, they can remember the location that they get involved," he said.

Even then said Aaron, his sons followed him to a location only when the weekends or school holidays only.

Meanwhile, Aaron recently received permanent resident status in this country, says he hate to see her children succeed in which is more secure.

On the basis of that, Aaron told him to make sure the children get the best education in addition to regularly monitor their school activities.

"It's not an actor so I said not good but was normal as a parent we want to see the children more successful than we are and proud of them.

"While I am close to them but in the following chapters to learn discipline and they were pretty scared of me," he said.

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