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Bunkface - Google Blog Search

Bunkface - Google Blog Search

Blog Update (18th June) | <b>Bunkface</b>

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 11:30 PM PDT

How are you guys doing? We've got an important message to all of you guys, 2012 is an exciting year for Malaysia, lots of international acts came here and lots more coming like Train, Justin Bieber, and K-Pops of course, but please bare in mind, we as a Malaysian and the people of our own country, please do not forget our local acts too, who's going to support our local talents if we don't? Without the supports from you guys, in time our industry will go down, so if you don't want that to happen, support your local talents!

As for Bunkface, this month is all about final touch up for our second album, exclusive announcement here, the titled of our second album 'Bunk Not Dead'. We are planning to release it by July this year, lets pray it all runs well. One more thing, who want to play futsal with us! Just go to to find out how! Thank you guys! Catch you guys later!

By the way here's an important message to all TM Internet & Broadband users, if you received an email titled "Verify Your TM Account" that require you to give your personal info such as password and IDs  , please DO NOT respond to it as it didn't come from TM, (it's a scam) . Your password is supposed to be just for your personal use. So beware guys!

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