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Mia Sara - Google Blog Search

Mia Sara - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 07 Jul 2012 01:18 AM PDT

Kepong Malay girl - Mia Sara
I got her contact from website master. 
I called and booked her for my dinner session. She tells to check in at one of the hotel nearby Selayang and text her the room no once ready. 
Frankly speaking, she did show her picture but I want to do counter check first. Text her the room no while waiting at mamak stall beside the hotel entrance. 
After 20min waiting, suddenly a girl coming towards the entrance. Quickly finished my tongkat ali and pretend to go to my room as well. Luckily I managed to catch the same elevator with her. An angel with a good figure with blonde hair standing in front of me with a good figure with nice ass.
Once the lift opened, i follow her to the room. She shocked when I opened the door from behind. We together entered the room. Lying down on bed, switch on the tv, air cond and lights. We breaking the ice and get to know each other..talking about life, sex and so on..then she asked me to take a bath and she will be coming in to wash me with soap....In the bathroom, the action begin......
She soap me all over my body....start to play around with my gun...then BJ.......after a while and I cannot tahan anymore....then I ask her to stop and continue on the bed...I'm lying on bed and she started licking all over my body.....the feeling was nice and she start using his breast to massage my gun.......then she put cap to start our mission....

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