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Atilia - Google Blog Search

Atilia - Google Blog Search

<b>Atilia</b> introduces panoramic camera to video conferencing market <b>...</b>

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 02:55 AM PST

California tech start-up Atilia Systems has introduced its new panoramic camera to the world of video conferencing. 

Rather than turning heads in video conferencing facilities around the world, Atilia's PanaCast system is actually looking to do quite the opposite with its circle of six high definition, 60 frames per second lenses. Through the 200 degree view on offer, those on one side of the dial in have the ability to pan and zoom in around the whole setting using a mouse.

Meanwhile those at the other end can position themselves in front of just one of the six lenses rather than grouping up with their colleagues. This method of image projection, it's hoped, will make video conferencing a little bit more like face-to-face meeting, rather than one taking place through two cameras.

Unlike some devices which require a large amount of dedicated bandwidth to function, PanaCast connects via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular network and stitches all six images into a widescreen view of 2700×540 over a standard 1920×1080 format.

This is double the dimensions of normal HD viewing and it's boasts like these which have helped Atilia raise $3 million (around £19 million) to send its product into the market. 

Talking to, Aurangzeb Khan, CEO of Atilia Systems, claimed the experience with PanCast was much more natural than with some of its competitors.

"We felt that if we could bring a new experience that is as simple as the normal human experience of talking in real time, it could be really powerful for users," added Mr Khan. says the system will eventually become available in the first quarter of next year.

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