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Yuna - Google Blog Search

Yuna - Google Blog Search

<b>Yuna</b> signed to David Foster ABN News | Eng

Posted: 02 Jan 2013 08:12 PM PST

By Noorsila Abd Majid and Amin Fuad

Wonder no more. Malaysian folk-pop darling Yuna is now part of David Foster's Verve Music Group.

Confirming the big news, the highly influential US-based Canadian pop music maestro tweeted: "I'm really excited about the next hot artist to join @vervemusic … Stay tuned and keep an eye out for @yunamusic in 2013."

Yuna has got everyone guessing on her next big career move in the US when her contract with Fader Label ended recently.

Both the singer and her manager, Wawa Zainal have declined to comment further on the new deal with Foster.

Just for the record, Foster is a multiple Grammy winner, whose illustrious resume include Christina Aguilera, Bryan Adams, The Bee Gees, Air Supply, Andrea Bocelli, Toni Braxton, Michael Buble, Mariah Carey, Charice, Chicago, Destiny's Child, The Corrs, Neil Dianond, Celine Dion, Earth, Wind and Fire, Josh Groban, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson.

Though details of her million-dollar contract with Foster have yet to be released to the press, Yuna confirms that she is currently recording a film soundtrack with her new boss in Los Angeles.

<b>Yuna</b> vs Ashe

Posted: 04 Jan 2013 04:49 AM PST

  • Yuna vs Ashe


  • Erm... Ashe. How come there's two polls now? Ehh, oh well. Ashelia is my pick.

    Signature credit: MrAwesomeWWE

  • We shall vote for Yuna. She has bit more of a personality and was a bit all over a better character.

    Thanks to my SS for this sig, great job.

  • I'm biased too. I think you have good taste if you like FFXII (like me) and think FFX is overrated and unremarkable.

    I vote Ashe. She's not an idiot like Yuna. And nor is she forcefully made to regress in age in a sequel game. And Ashe's gasping is sexy.



    By Lew. Ah yeds, he is so talented that this takes up petabytes.

  • ~ Set by Yu Narukami ~

  • Pft. Yuna summons Bahamut and Magus Sisters.

    Everything is dead.

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