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Yuna - Google Blog Search

Yuna - Google Blog Search

<b>Yuna&#39;s</b> &#39;Sixth Street&#39; EP Song "Let Love Come Through" Featuring <b>...</b>

Posted: 25 Apr 2013 08:17 AM PDT

Fresh off her 2012 self-titled debut album and Owl City duet "Shine Your Way" from the soundtrack to The Croods, Yuna is giving us the gift of her bright and breezy pop once again in the form of her Sixth Street EP, due out on May 7. The five tracks on the digital-only release are wrapped in a certain kind of warmth — and there's a reason for that! "All of the songs were written in my apartment where I'm most comfortable, and at that point I understood who I was and knew what I was feeling about life," Yuna says of Sixth Street.

Today Idolator is premiering "Let Love Come Through" off the EP. Jazzy, smooth and with just the right infusion of summertime cool, the song kicks off with a rap by Kyle before Yuna's soothing vocals and thick, retro synths take over.

Head below to hear Yuna & Kyle's "Let Love Come Through," as well as charming Sixth Street single "I Wanna Go" (produced by Mike Einziger from Incubus).

Yuna featuring Kyle — "Let Love Come Through"

Yuna — "I Wanna Go"

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<b>Yuna</b> Wants You To &#39;Let Love Come Through&#39; » SOULBOUNCE.COM

Posted: 26 Apr 2013 10:14 AM PDT

Yuna is right on time with her new song "Let Love Come Through." This is the type of song that can turn a lackluster Friday morning into a relaxing, productive Friday afternoon. Rapper Kyle comes through the track with ease, spitting a verse with a lackadaisical attitude similar to Andre 3000. Yuna's soft voice blends into the two-stepable production and high replay value hook. The hard-hitting drums and keyboard work makes me feel like I am at live concert, which is a feeling you don't get often nowadays. Yuna's voice automatically puts me in a peaceful place that definitely has me ready for the weekend. This slice of spring/summertime nice is lifted from Yuna's upcoming Sixth Street EP scheduled for a digital-only release on May 7th. [H/T: IDLTR]

<b>Yuna</b> Kim&#39;s E1 TV Commercial - That <b>Yuna</b>

Posted: 04 May 2013 05:29 AM PDT

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