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Aaron Aziz - Google Blog Search

Aaron Aziz - Google Blog Search

<b>Aaron Aziz</b> Joins Hands with Hong Kong Tourism Board |

Posted: 10 Sep 2013 10:56 PM PDT

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) recently announced its collaboration with Malaysia's top celebrity, Aaron Aziz to encourage Muslim visitors to visit Hong Kong.

Regional Director of HKTB, Mr. Simon Wong expressed that the company is thrilled to have the award-winning actor on board as both Hong Kong and Aaron Aziz possess similar traits.

"Just like Hong Kong, Aaron is fun, adventurous, romantic and at the same time, very family-oriented. We are extremely excited about this collaboration and we hope that more Muslims in Malaysia will look forward to visiting Hong Kong soon," said Mr. Simon Wong during the announcement.

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As part of the collaboration, Aaron Aziz will work with HKTB to produce four itineraries that will cater to a wide range of audience such as families, couples and young adults. These itineraries will feature his favourite spots in Hong Kong, including halal restaurants suitable for Muslim travellers.

Fans of Aaron Aziz can also look forward to participate in a tour to Hong Kong led by Aaron himself this December, which will cover his most preferred Hong Kong attractions, activities and delicacies. For more information, fans can check out Discover Hong Kong and keep a lookout for updates on Aaron Aziz's official social media platforms.

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