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Erra Fazira - Google Blog Search

Erra Fazira - Google Blog Search

Newcomer Amar Baharin Denies <b>Erra Fazira</b> Fling |

Posted: 03 Oct 2013 12:37 AM PDT

Local newcomer Amar Baharin has denied allegations that had surfaced, claiming that he is in a relationship with popular Malaysian artist Erra Fazira. This makes him the third person that has been linked to Erra's life in terms of gossip.


The Beautiful Erra Fazira

In a comment made to mStar, he claimed that the allegations doesn't stand, due to the fact that he's still so fresh in the industry and Erra is well respected in the industry.

"Sometimes when you think about it, gossips like this humour me. I still don't understand why one would make such claims." he said. He also added that  the rumours weren't true and he's not aware of the source of this gossip. He is worried that the public may portrait him as a person who's creating stories to gain popularity.

"The rumours that have been circulating about Erra and myself are baseless. This, in no way has jeopardised our professional careers to work together and in no way has it created animosity between us," he concluded.


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