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Mizz Nina - Google Blog Search

Mizz Nina - Google Blog Search

BandWidth Magazine: <b>MIZZ NINA</b> QUITS SINGING!

Posted: 05 Mar 2014 02:07 AM PST

Yeap, the title says it all. Miss Nina is quitting her singing career fo' real. She's quit singing because she wants to be a better muslimah. She said to the media, that it's not just about the looks, because she's dressed more conserved now but still not less stylish, it's more to her belief in her Muslim religion. 

She also said that it's not really a hard decision to make, considering there are still lots of things she can get involved with in the entertainment industry, like poetry reading and hosting. She has also cancelled the new album launching and she's proud to do so.

She's also stopped the production of her line of clothing, "Mizz Demeanor" to concentrate on her newer brand, which focuses on the Muslimah needs, which is more suitable and halal, "Madeena". She mentioned that her new brand got more attention from the public because it's a new direction even more than Mizz Demeanor got when she launched that brand, and she wants to expand the brand!

Mizz Nina is currently working on a new show for kids, that teaches the small ones about their religion. She, however, cant disclose the show's name, saying that it will be announced on its launching day. Nina is handling the show in English and it focuses on the academic side, for kids.

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