Ahad, 6 April 2014

Pierre Andre - Google Blog Search

Pierre Andre - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 06 Apr 2014 04:24 PM PDT

Friends of Music's next recital tomorrow (April 8) will feature talented Canadian pianist Pierre-Andre Doucet. His programme will include works by Scarlatti; M A Hamelin; Liszt; Muczynski, and Miller.
The Prelude Performer, supported by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, will be Rashalia Pather on piano.
The recital will take place on April 8 at 19h45 at the Durban Jewish Centre, 44 Old Fort (K.E. Masinga) Road, Durban. There is safe parking. Tickets R70 (R60 FOM members and R20 Orchestral / Students)

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