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Aaron Aziz - Google Blog Search

Aaron Aziz - Google Blog Search

Hype&#39;s Exclusive: Asian superstar <b>Aaron Aziz</b> takes on E! Special <b>...</b>

Posted: 02 Jul 2013 08:30 PM PDT

How does an unknown waiter from Singapore become one of South East Asia's biggest, brightest stars? Well, Aaron Aziz seems to have it all figured out. Aziz, will be revealing it all in an upcoming E! Entertainment Special with the rising actor/director.

"This is something like the THS (True Hollywood Story) special on E!. I was selected among other Asian celebrities and fortunately I will be a debutant for the series", he said in an interview held at the heart of Bangsar.

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Set to bring audiences a personal scoop on Asia's biggest stars, the programe will speak to the most pivotal people in entertainment to unravel Aaron Aziz's rise to being Malaysia's top actor and one of the major superstars in South East Asia. "Even Sharifah Amani was excited when I told her that I was to be featured. But we got in touch with many of my friends and colleagues to help shed some light to the programme."

The programme is set to gain exclusive access to the life of the heartthrob with every aspect of his life covered: from the highs of his multiple award wins to the lows of the controversial government investigation into his work in Malaysia, and his run-in with fellow actors after winning a local newspapers' "Most Popular Artiste in Malaysia" award.

Aziz's first brush with fame came after winning Singapore's Manhunt competition. It was an acting course conducted by Singaporean actor Lim Yu Beng that propelled him to his acting debut in a television series 'War Diary.' " This happened when I was working at a Fish & Chips restaurant, as I flipped open the newspapers one day. I saw this and I thought to myself, why not?." he added.


A string of subsequent hit shows such as "Heartlanders" and an award-winning performance in "Cinta Bollywood," a chance spotting by top Malay director Erma Fatimah, who persuaded Aaron to break into Malaysia's film industry, brought on his meteoric rise to superstardom.

There is a lot more to Aziz than his career. In this special, gain insight to the real Aziz through exclusive interviews with the people who know him best: close friends, entertainment veterans who have played a part in his success, and his wife and manager, who will shed light on their family and the couple's working dynamic.

"I really hope that my fans will catch the programme. It really sheds some light into the everyday life of Aaron Aziz." he added.

E! Special: Aaron Aziz will premiere on 7th July, 2013  at 8.30pm on E! (Astro Channel 712).

(Photo Credits: Fandy Razak)

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