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Kee Hua Chee Live!: PART 2---EXCLUSIVE, BEHIND-THE <b>...</b>

Posted: 23 May 2014 06:10 AM PDT

Exclusive, behind the scenes shots!

Aaron Aziz already hunky, handsome and hot but a touch of make-up does no harm!

Look at Aaron Aziz's muscle! I notice there was another bulge somewhere else, lucky Diyana!
Hot bod
Lucky make-up artiste!
A lookee at Kee
Aaron Aziz and wife Diyana who is also his manager to prevent anyone from ensnaring her superstar husband
Lily Loh discusses with Fizz Fairuz
Ooh imagine Fizz Fairuz's thighs wrapped round your waist!
He heard me
Hot hunk
Fizz Fairuz shares a joke with Shaheizy Sam
Fizzly Fizz Fairuz
Kenny Loh fixes Kenny Loh
Aaron Aziz gives me a sexy look
Looking great
All done
Prince Charming
Aaron Aziz and Kee Hua Chee
Zizan Razak 'before' 

Fizz Fairuz is now 'After'

Fizz Fairuz
Fizz Fairuz, Ranukka Singham and Shah Iskandar
Fizz Fairuz, Ranukka Singham and Shah iskandar
Kenny Loh at work

Looks like Kenny Loh is grabbing Fizz Fairuz's lan chiau

Gently does it
Shah Iskandar, Fizz Fairuz and Ajak

Hamming it up

Fizz Fairuz looking fresh and virile

Fizz Fairuz and Kee Hua Chee
Kenny Loh and Aaron Aziz
Something is stuck here
Oh no, look who is a Peeing Tom trying to see a fellow star naked inside the changing room of lord's Tailor!
Lilly Loh, Fizz Fairuz and Kenny Loh
 Feeling left out, Kee Hua Chee strikes a pose too
 And another. BTW that's his portrait on shirt and groin
 Ranukka Singham and Kenny Loh
 Shah Iskandar and Kenny Loh

 Shah Iskandar
 Tom Davies bespoke glasses
 Tom Davies can make your own specs to your specs
 Shah Iskandar being made up

 Wilkins, HK born husband of Olivia Loh the communications director of Lord's Tailor
 Kee Hua Chee as Arale
 Kenny Loh fixing Shah Iskandar
 Shah Iskandar giving sexy look

 Shah Iskandar looking spiffy

 Shah Iskandar and Kee Hua Chee
 2 hotshots

 Olivia Loh getting fixed
 Kenny Loh and Shah Iskandar in Tom Davies specs

 Kenny Loh, Ranukka Singham and Shah Iskandar
 Lord's Tailor staff
 Kenny Loh, Ranukka Singham of Tom Davies, Shah Iskandar and Kee Hua Chee in Tom Davies bespoke glasses
 Kee Hua Chee sports a Brooks messenger leather bag imported from England and available only at Lord's Tailor. Around RM 3,200
 Sexy Shah Iskandar
 Sexy hunk
 Want him?
 Ajak being fixed

 Shah Iskandar
 The Blues Boys
 Fizz Fairuz and Ajak at ease

 Wilkins and daughter
 Wilkins and daughter, he is wearing Iqram Dinzly's jacket
 Aaron Aziz in his 'Before' photo
 Aaron Aziz and wife Diyana Halik who is also his manager
 Aaron Aziz and wife Diyana Halik, both from Singapore but are now Malaysian PRs
 Aaron Aziz and Diyana
 Fizz Fairuz, Lily Loh, Diyana Halik and Aaron Aziz

 These are the bespoke suits for the stars
 Olivia Loh, baby Loh and Vicky Loh
 Fizz getting fixed

 Aaron Aziz getting made up
Look at Aaron Aziz's gym fit hot bod!

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