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Syamsul Yusof - Google Blog Search

Syamsul Yusof - Google Blog Search

“Puteri Sarah Has Been An Incredible Support System”: <b>Syamsul</b> <b>...</b>

Posted: 21 May 2014 04:16 AM PDT

It is to public knowledge that Syamsul Yusof turned his back on the local entertainment industry after his last film KL Gangster 2 became a victim of piracy a few weeks' shy of its big-screen debut.

Struggling to make a comeback, Syamsul is now slowly but surely trying to leave the unfortunate episode behind.

The 32-year-old director and his wife, Puteri Sarah made ​​a public appearance for the first time since their wedding back in March, attended the premiere of his younger brother's latest film Abang Long Fadil in Bandar Utama, Monday night.

Patiently answering each and every question posed by the media, Syamsul said that since their marriage, Puteri Sarah has never failed to supply him with words of encouragement for him to rise above and resume his film career.

"I can finally accept the fact that (pirated film scandal). Since we got married my wife had been a pillar of salt; give me a shot in the arm to get back on the mend and to go return to what I do best," he said.

Syamsul also pointed out that he has changed a lot after marriage, but decided to not let his private life be at stake.


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