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<b>Mizz Nina</b>: "I will only sing for a female audience now". | <b>...</b>

Posted: 26 Jan 2014 07:17 PM PST

Photo: Instagram via nadeenamy

Photo: Instagram via madeenamy

Popular Malaysian singer Shazrina Azman, commonly known as Mizz Nina, recently decided that she'll only sing for a female audience.

Berita Harian Ahad reported that she made the decision after returning from her haj pilgrimage in November. She also chose to embrace the hijab and the Muslimah life.

Mizz Nina also launched her new Muslimah clothing label Madeenamy at the recent World Hijab Day workshop. It was there when she announced the significant change in her music career.

"I will only sing for a female audience now. This is the decision I have made," she said.

Mizz Nina first won hearts in the Malaysian music scene when she co-found Malaysian hip-hop group, The Tarik Crew in 1999. She also worked with international names like American rapper Flo Rida on a song called "Takeover", and even Korean-American superstar, Jay Park.


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