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Akim - Google Blog Search

Akim - Google Blog Search

<b>Akim</b>: Restaurant - Video - Creativity Online

Posted: 29 Dec 2011 03:59 PM PST

Ad Age Insights

Ad Age Insights
2011 Creativity Awards Report

This year's most successful campaigns show that today's best advertising involves a magical concoction of living in the moment, intense collaboration with more partners than ever before, embracing tradition and bravely diving into the new tools and technology -- in essence, a little bit of everything.


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<b>Akim</b>: Restaurant | Creative Criminals

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 05:20 PM PST

Posted by Sander Janssen - Category: TV & Cinema Film

Akim is the The National Association for the Habilitation of Children and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities. In this commercial they illustrate in a subtle way you shouldn't discriminate people with a disability. This ad reminds us of the much more powerful teddy bear ad for Pro Infirmis a little while ago.

Akim: Restaurant, 4.8 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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