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<b>Awi Rafael</b> Bakal Buat Persembahan Bersama Dashboard <b>...</b>

Posted: 16 Jan 2012 03:56 PM PST

Bukan senang diberi penghargaan untuk membuat persembahan bersama artis antarabangsa. Lagi-lagi bersama Dashboard Confessional!

Kali ini, dengan kerjasama Rockaway dan juga FlyFm, showcase Dashboard Confessional anjuran Livescape Asia bakal mempersembahkan Awi Rafael sebagai artis pembukaan di persembahan solo Dashboard Confessional yang akan berlangsung pada 22 Februari ini.

Awi Rafael adalah seorang penyanyi yang berbakat dan dia memulakan kariernya bersama Bhumiband. Kini, Awi yang bergerak solo popular dengan lagu-lagu seperti "Pulanglah" dan juga "Aku Bukan Bintang".

Konsert akustik solo ini bakal memberikan kepuasan kepada peminat setia Dashboard Confessional yang terkenal dengan lagu-lagu seperti "Screaming Infidelities", "Hands Down", "Vindicated" dan juga "Thick as Thieves". Sejak ditubuhkan pada tahun 2000, Dashboard Confessional yang dianggotai oleh Chris Carrabba, John Lefler, Mike Marsh, dan Scott Schoenbeck telah merakamkan 6 buah album.

Sempena Tahun Baru Cina ini, Konsert Akustik Solo Dashboard Confessional akan berlangsung pada 22 Februari bertempat di KL Live pada jam 8 malam. Sehingga kini, tiket pra-jual telah habis terjual dan tiket normal dijual pada harga RM118 satu. Ini satu pekuang keemasan pada anda yang mahu menghabiskan cuti Tahun Baru Cina dengan sedikit hiburan.

Apa lagi, cepat dapatkan tiket anda sekarang di sekarang! Sebelum itu mari layankan muzik video dari Dashboard Confessional berjudul "Vindicated" dahulu. Enjoice!

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<b>Awi Rafael</b> Buka Pentas Konsert Dashboard Confessional | Sensasi <b>...</b>

Posted: 16 Jan 2012 04:05 AM PST

Sebagai pembuka tirai untuk Konsert Dashboard Confessional (Solo Acoustic Show) yang akan berlangsung pada 22 Februari 2012 di KL LIVE nanti. Artis tempatan Awi Rafael akan mendendangkan berapa buah lagu pada konsert itu nanti.

Siapa yang tak kenal dengan penyanyi Awi Rafael, semasa usia 20 tahun beliau sudah memperdengarkan suara di radio Singapura Brunei dan Indonesia. Artis yang akan hadir di Party Budiey pada 21 Januari ini juga pernah menggangotai kumpulan 'Bhumiband di Singapura. Merantau ke Australia untuk mencari pengalaman, pernah menjelajah bersama kumpulan Dewa dan Sheila On 7. Terkenal dengan lagu "Pulanglah" Awi kini bernaung di bawah Warner Music sebagai artis mereka.

Pastinya, peminat Awi Rafael akan hadir di Konsert Dashboard Confessional ini kerana Awi akan menyanyikan lagu popularnya di sana.

Awi Rafael

Awi Rafael doesn't waste any time setting the tone for his self-titled debut album, "Awi Rafael"; modern rock guitar arrangements led by emotional, raspy vocals in the forefront of the mix. Signed and distributed under Warner Music Malaysia, the 25 year old's debut self-written album have been a long time coming and it's first single, 'Pulanglah" was a runaway success; storming through the radio charts all over Malaysia.

Written over the past 3 years, the 5-song set displays a sonic depth that dovetails perfectly with what he admits is a newfound songwriting confidence. "Every time I make a record with my previous bands, I think 'this is it!'" Awi says with a laugh. "But I don't think I really understood how to make a record then, until this one. As I got older, they were many more facets of life, love and honest emotions that I could understand-thus giving my songwriting more depth.

My voice has also developed in a certain way, allowing me to emote more into a performance. I'm also trying to change people's perspective of singer/songwriters. I want to prove that an artist who takes full-control of their music can achieve success in the industry through their self-written songs, without having to join reality shows or other gimmicks to promote their career.

Leave it to the songs and with hard work, you'll get to the top!"

At the core of Awi's music are his vocals—a raspy tone courtesy of doing the pub circuit since his teens, backed by the live experience he learnt busking all over Australia for a year. Singing on the streets earned him many lessons of humility and sharing his gift of writing hooks to draw a crowd to his busking spot, a gift very apparent in his song structures and melodies.

"I'm very comfortable to always be the 'underdog'; it keeps me fighting hard to attain success and so far with all the love I've received from all my fans, I'm so inspired to keep touring and taking my songs to whoever that calls out my name, because that's only what really matters actually," he commented when asked on how he felt having a number one single, without much hype or promo in the 'Idol' culture we live in.

"But I do believe, eventually, people will remember my name. I'm just a boy from a small town, who'd believe I got this far? Now, let's go further," he concluded with an honest smile.

AWI RAFAEL – The Introduction
Born from a mixed heritage, Awi Rafael went through the whole education route as all his peers while he was growing up, studying Law and Psychology. He came to prominence on the local pub scene where he performed after his law classes ended. From there, he wrote, recorded and performed with many bands over the years, slowly gaining experience in the music industry. Confident that he can carve out his own solo career in music, he took a leap of faith and ditched his promising Law career to pursue his music, packed his bags and left for Australia, alone.

At age 20, Awi have seen his songs and voice travelled far beyond his bedroom, to the Tv's and radios of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. He was the lead singer and co-writer of the successful group "Bhumiband', for which he led his band to month-long tours around the Asia.

Currently, the high-profile young songwriter is living his life as the very model of the modern independent artist, journeying from stage to stage, logging literally hundreds of thousands of miles around Malaysia, all the while captivating audiences with his original songs. His first single, 'Pulanglah" has hit the number one spot in numerous radio charts and his music videos is supported by MTV Asia, Astro and many more TV channels, with 300,000++ views multiplying on Youtube. He is also writing songs for many roster artistes from labels such as Astro & Warner Music,to mention a few. Awi have also been endorsed by brands such as Levis, Guess, Morning Rocket and many more.

Warner Music Malaysia will be releasing his 2nd smash single, 'Bila Aku Jatuh Cinta" soon, keep a lookout for it on the radio's and Tv's near you.

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