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Juliana Evans - Google Blog Search

Juliana Evans - Google Blog Search

Love is in the air…for some | Sharm On The Scene

Posted: 17 Jan 2012 07:59 AM PST


Pining for Juliana Evans

It wasn't easy for actress Juliana Evans to decide to leave the country, especially since it's for a long time.

The 23-year-old actress left for the United States early this year to pursue her communications degree in the University of Michigan for two years.
Juliana says she is sad to be away from her family and friends. She also had to give up on her desire to be more active in acting.

"I am sad, but I have to pursue my studies abroad for my future. I am actually not ready to leave my family and friends," said Juliana when contacted recently.

Juliana said she will learn about production during her two years in university so she could work behind the scene after her graduation. The actress of the film Hantu Bonceng hopes her experiences in the US would mould her into a more mature person. However, she hopes her fans and fellow artistes would give her the opportunity to be active in the art scene upon her return.

Meanwhile, comedian Zizan who is rumoured to have dated Juliana said he will miss her.

Zizan said he'll fly to the US to visit Juliana if he has the time.

"While she is away, I'll be more active in the arts scene so I won't miss her so much," shared Zizan.

Zizan, who was nominated for the most popular actor in comedy, and most popular television host at the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2011, said him missing Juliana does not mean they are dating, but that they are merely good friends.

New romance?

They have both denied the rumours, but the gossip on the romance between actress Rozita Che Wan and Zain Saidin just gets hotter.

Rozita has always avoided questions on her life partner, and ideal man.

She has also been linked to the former host of Akademi Fantasia season eight Shahir, and they are said to have met at a party.

But as that gossip died down, Rozita created a ripple when she was seen with Zain at the Genting Highlands Resort in early January.

Rozita was shocked when asked about the sighting, but did not deny going out with Zain.

"I admit I went out with Zain in Genting Hihglands. But it wasn't just the two of us – we were accompanied by my two sons," said Rozita who is a divorcee.

She said they were at the resort as it was her children's school holidays.
Zain is close to her sons, who are 12 and 15, and so she asked him to accompany them on their short trip.

Zain, however, did not want to comment on the gossip, but he also did not deny the rumours.

Zaid said he was doing Rozita a favour by accompanying them, and said he was just "a chauffeur" on that trip.

"I was only accompanying Rozita and her children. I don't want society to misunderstand that we are dating," he said.

Marriage on the rocks

The marital problems between actress Rita Rudaini Mokhtar, 36, and football star Aidil Zafuan Abd. Radzak, 25, have escalated.

The couple, who got married four years ago in Narathiwat, Thailand, have been facing problems.

Initially, Aidil's family did not approve of their marriage. Things didn't improve even after the birth of their two children – three-year-old Airit Rayyan Rizqin and nine-month-old Airit Ragqa Arjuna. The couple are no closer to resolving their differences.

The latest news is that Aidil has decided to move out of their home while Rita and their children were back in her hometown in Kangar, Perlis.

Rita said when she returned she found her husband's clothes, car and motorcycle gone.

"My husband also texted me to say he is leaving our home. As a wife, I couldn't do anything. It's up to him," said Rita.

The popular drama actress said her maid saw her brother-in-law inciting her husband to leave her.

Her maid told her that Aidil's twin brother Zaquan Adha had helped him carry his things out. It is believed that Zaquan's wife Ayu Raudhah was also present.

"I am sad at the interference in my marriage. They should advise him to mend our marriage, and not worsen my relationship with my husband," said Rita.
For now, she is leaving it to the Almighty to determine what will happen to her marriage.

Niezam is the Entertainment Editor for Mingguan mStar and mStar Online. Visit for your daily local entertainment news.

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“Saya Teringin Nak Jumpa <b>Juliana Evans</b>” – Zizan Raja Lawak <b>...</b>

Posted: 16 Jan 2012 10:22 PM PST

Rindukan Juliana Evans, nah ini makan dia! 6 foto Juliana Evans versi unrelease kini menjadi tatapan anda. Mungkin ramai yang tertanya-tanya mengapakah Juliana Evans kini kurang muncul di mana-mana drama atau filem. Kemana ye dia pergi erk?

Terkini, pemergian Juliana Evans ke Amerika Syarikat demi melanjutkan pelajaran di peringkat Ijazah Sarjana Muda dalam bidang komunikasi massa di University of Michigan diterima baik oleh rakan karibnya, Zizan Raja Lawak.

Zizan yang ditemui di sidang media pengumuman ABPBH 25 di Holiday Villa, Subang minggu lepas berkongsikan perasaannya sejak berpisah dengan pelakon jelita itu.

"Kami masih contact each other. Kadang-kadang, ada juga rasa nak kesana berjumpa dengan dia. Insyallah, kalau ada masa terluang, memang saya nak jejak kaki ke sana. Sewaktu dia berangkat kesana, saya memang menangis sedih. Iyalah, tak terbayang apabila kawan rapat kita nak berangkat ke sana. Macam satu kehilangan pula," ujar Zizan.

Zizan turut diusik sama ada perasaan sedih itu berbangkit kerana sudah terbitnya cinta terhadap Juliana Evans.

"Eh, tidak lah. Kami berdua tahu batasan masing-masing. Setakat ini, kami berdua tidak akan melebihi sempadan, atau batasan sebagai seorang kawan," sekaligus menafikan hubungan percintaannya.

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