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A Brat with Opinions: Walk~ Walk~ Fashion Baby~ TFGN

Posted: 12 Jan 2012 08:56 AM PST

I love Fashion! But what I like even much more is photography of fashion. Seriously. I would be happier if I somehow, in alternate space and life, become a model for a fashion-photography shoot. But alas! It is not meant to be. Designers might find it irritating having need to cater for extra cloth to fit my chubby self, and also the fact that I don't show most of my skin and also hair, for that matter. lol

Oh yeah, this is such a WAAAYY overdue update. I know, but I have been quite busy and lazy at the same time, so I didn't get to update this.

Anyway, on 22nd October 2011 (OMG seriously that long already????) I went for the Tri-Factor Glam Night (TFGN), Malaysian very first Fashion Concert. Where they incorporate Malaysian favorite hobbies :- Modelling, Fashion, Photography and Music!

I would say they were all awesomely talented. For someone who do not even have a shred of creativity bone in me, these are just BOOM!

The event was graced with performances from our local artists. Check out the vids below to have a sneak peak of how awesome-tastic they are.

Dina Nazir

Beat The System

Tom Mystarz and Beat The System during "Rock" theme show - My favorite part of the whole night!

Chique De LUXE

Rythm In Peace

Ning Baizura
HOWEVER, what made the night MORE, MUCH MORE special to me that night, is the fact I was able to meet these awesome people.
Bloggers FTW! And yeah, I'm lazy to identify all the names. Since some of them I can't recall, so I decided to not name any of them. So who's in the video? Give a shout out! lol~

Sincerely lazy,
p/s: I Dunno why I am in this category for a blog awards thingy. But since I did, do vote for me! "" XD Thanks! hehe

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