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Makan-Makan With The Stars- <b>Yuna</b> : KL Lifestyle Magazine

Posted: 27 Jan 2012 12:12 AM PST

Makan-Makan With The Stars

Who    :     Yuna
Where    :     Dapoer Bandoeng
No. 114 Ground Floor Blok E,
Jalan SS 6/2, Kelana Park View,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E., Malaysia
Tel    :     019-98290272
Opening Hours: Daily – 11:00am to 11:00pm

Fresh from releasing a new album, 'Terukir Di Bintang', specially written for her Malaysian fans and currently making waves in the US, Yuna is definitely on the up and 2012 is looking increasingly likely to be her year. Having to adapt to a jet-setting lifestyle for almost two years after inking a deal with a renowned record label in the USA has forced her to travel back and forth from Malaysia, but the talented songstress, who will be releasing her first album under her US-based label in March, was back home as we sat down at her favourite Indonesian restaurant, Dapoer Bandoeng, recently.

Tucked nicely within the Kelana Jaya area in Petaling Jaya, Dapoer Bandoeng is definitely a hidden gem among a host of Indonesian restaurants in the Klang Valley. A flip through the pages of the menu reveals a very extensive list of Indonesian delicacies. Yuna said: "I found out about this place from my boyfriend, who brought me here after he discovered the place while hosting his food quest TV show. He loved it so much that he just kept coming back for more. We both love Indonesian food, so one day we decided to have lunch here and I went 'Wow, this is really nice!'" She added, "What I like about Dapoer Bandoeng is that the place is never too crowded, it's comfortable and the ambience is nice".

Dapoer Bandoeng opened its doors to the public in June 2010 and has been steadily gaining reputation as one of the best-kept secrets in Kelana Jaya. Founded by Intan Juliana, who said: "We try to make the food as authentically Indonesian as possible. Our cooks are professionally-trained Indonesians whom we brought over to Malaysia from Bandung, while all our recipes are homemade."

Yuna ordered the 'Nasi Ayam Penyet' along with a 'Sup Bakso', complemented by a glass of Teh Botol Sosro (the mother of all Teh O Ais, according to Yuna). As a fan of Ayam Penyet, Yuna found Dapoer Bandoeng's to be the best by far. Fried tofu and tempe are served on the side while the chicken is smothered with original super-spicy Indonesian chilli to give the dish an extra oomph. She also declared herself as a fan of Bakso after she tried it once while on a trip to Bandung. Served with 'Pangsit', the bakso was bursting with flavours.

As for our dessert, Intan recommended us to try out the 'Es Pisang Ijo'. Sweet and refreshing, it consisted of bananas that were covered in pandan and chocolate sauce served in ice syrup. What a way to sweeten your taste buds after they've been bombarded by lip-smacking Indonesian dishes.

With our lunch appointment done, Yuna shared about what she was going to do next. "I'll be flying back to the States very soon and prepare for the album launch in March. Just getting things done with the promotional side of things and making sure that the album's good to go for release. It's going to be pretty hectic but hopefully everything will turn out okay!"

When she flies back to Malaysia, you can be sure that Dapoer Bandoeng will again be graced by her presence. While she's away, though, I think I will be warming her seat here at Dapoer Bandoeng as I will certainly be coming back here to satisfy my hunger for authentic Indonesian food.

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Could <b>Yuna</b> & Ana |

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 12:34 AM PST

Latest News

Two finalists DSA 26 is not afraid to face competition tonight
/> FLOW both art begins with the same formula. Two finalists AJL (DSA) of this 26th edition of the use of social sites like Youtube and music to share their talents in a virtual space. $ Ha first upload songs to begin creation in 2006, followed by Dream Theater in 2008.

Just stand Yuna comes first. Each also has its own story after successfully made a name for the medium to the current indie perdana.Bakat Yuna, 25, and Ana, 26, was also recognized by Popular Star Award competition Star (Baiturrahman).

Yuna Zarai Yunalis real name was named New Artist of 2009 and Women's Popular Baiturrahman Baiturrahman Popular Female Singer 2010, while Ana won the Women's Popular New Artiste category.

Baiturrahman 2011, the name Ana dropouts while Yuna is still holding up in the categories of Women's Popular Singer.

DSA final stage, two women Scorpio star is still stinging with their canine . Yuna was the Vice Champion DSA to-24 through his own, and truth. Last year, DSA 25, the song's creation titled Teenage Dream Ana won the Best Song.

Tonight, they're counting full seconds to beat once again in action at the final stage of DSA. DSA 26 is emitted TV3 last animal at the Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Yuna qualify with two songs invention, while the timid and Girls During the Boney M Brown Girl saw a trio of songs Suhaimi Mior Hassan, Ana & Altimet work together.
Co-B * POP, Ana and Yuna share the word of the agenda in 2012, the latest developments and not lag behind teased about the room with a man after their own choice.
/> Yuna to love her, Qushairi or Qi (pronounced Chi) and Ana also is counting the days for consolidated with Naim's real name, Aznaim Abdullah.

During the photography session lasted on January 16 and at boutiques in Megan Avenue Syomir Izwa, health Yuna little disturbed. Any least, space time in Kuala Lumpur should be used to do many things before returning to the United States.
/> Early next month, Yuna will focus on recording a full album there. Album is expected to include 12 songs is likely to be launched around March and ambassador programs MHbuddy Malaysia Airlines (MAS) will also be involved in the tour promoting the album concerned.

"Preparations for the song coward, I do not change too much order and the possibility to keep track of the pickup pattern. The new order are more likely to the tune of When Girls. The rest I leave the audience DSA 26 to evaluate and watch, "said Yuna broke the ice when being absorbed in making up his own face.

Meanwhile, Popstar Award winner, Break Out Award (New Artists), Ultimate Shout! Awards Award through Shout! 8TV 2010 organized by album also told them, etched into the Stars Decorate the album, which was launched Jan. 4 and will be re-packaging process.

"I am delighted with the response of this second album. So before I return to Los Angeles to continue recording with the Fader label, this album can treat their longing after a year I did not come up with a new album.

"But there will be repackaging versions for this second album as I get various responses among media partners after it was launched. There will be adding a few things as well as the order of songs is not the same song as shown in the print albums, "he said, also introduced Diandra Arjunaidi as artists under the auspices of Yuna Room Records label.
/> On the second album, Dream Theater without exception admit it's more than happy to highlight the side directed to Decorate a sad sight. In fact, there is to see the album as well as the presence of side appeared happy with Qi.

"This album is contrived after Decorate and my success through song and fact. Praise me for this trial are also accepted. I myself happy and thankful for blessed art route. Income increases. Alhamdulillah. Previously, the earliest I can not deny there is a negative bias. Heart-felt little bit when people criticize us. But now with the times, the experience gained and awards a boost at the same time made me more open, "he said, had been invited to perform MTV Iggy's Best New Band Concert in Times Square, New York.
/> On a personal side, ambassador of Canon camera products, Olay and also worked with Macy brand furniture is asked about the direction of the relationship with the Qi that has lasted almost a year. Is there any possibility this year also will see Yuna, and Qi graduated pair of singles as Scha Alyahya and Early Ashaari and Lisa Surihani and Yusry.

"No doubt after Lisa and Yusry make them happy with today's announcement, there were also jokes asking when will I be married to Qi. Certainly, not this year I will be married for more arts agenda should I roll over one by one, "he said, would melaram Izwa Syomir design and Syahrir Nurdin for the night to peak DSA-26.

"Controversy is like a beautiful wisdom '
/> NIGHT is also a full year at the DSA to the success of Ana-25 which is the condemnation and criticism when there are parties dispute the victory song Please Remember Me, a year ago. Regardless, it is beyond the will of Anah. What happened after her name was announced as the winner much to their own wisdom.

In fact, there are also fast growing popularity judge fell when various controversies, including the negative side of a social one at a time to start polluting the name Ana. The story of Ana in trouble with Sohaimi Mior Hassan and composer who raised him, Aidit Alfian between ever around.

"For Ana, what is going to be quite beautiful wisdom. The controversy even painful to swallow, it is like as uncontrolled promotion that gives the probability of whether two people to hate or vice versa. When people talk that means there are some who want to know. Good or bad, or something controversial, it is a thing which can not be traded. But what Ana can say, what happens is more skewed to the positive case. Ana so much stronger.

"Instead of hating, Ana is still to seek support from their never-ending encouragement. For example, when Ana chance to go into the field to remote areas, some fans among the makcik appreciate us. For fans of groups such that there is no internet access, they like to support me without a chance to speak, "he said with a management company and the studio with the label About The Letter A Co., Ltd. is undertaken with her lover, Naim.

confronted with what he is not worried about virus DSA 25 may be repeated tonight? Ana to be sported shirts designs Ezuwan Ismail admits he is not afraid. In fact, the show felt indirectly DSA 26 as a competition.
/> "Honestly it did not directly talk Ana into stress or strain. Each DSA 26 competing finalists Ana also enjoy their talent and their songs. What is important. Ana can perform well. Boney M Brown Girl song was not sung, and often difficult to be presented each time received an invitation to perform, "he said mid invited to Singapore last month for being involved in the program Voice charity Heart to fill Aidilfitri.

In other developments Ana also was gathering material to produce a new album. Clearly, Ana, for the album this time, he wants to increase collaboration space. As he joked, Ana is also keen to work with Yuna, but managed to intercept, the singer is too busy with his art career.

"For this second album, Ana aiming for more than 10 songs to be loaded. Ana is also working long duet with the singer Orchestra Nirvana. God willing, Ana also plans to hold a series of roadshows to promote the album. Ana This year's focus more on the libretto and not for acting. Acting is no bid but Ana up shy. Enough to musical theater acting opportunities Interference Love Life at the Palace of Culture last year.

"The songs that will later fit into the album is Lisa Love Fall. The song was constrained in October last year it was by chance due to the current situation on the love story of Lisa Surihani and Yusry. The song was the story of a close friend who turns into a special.

Ana also make a special song titled Up When the romances inspired by Naim. It revolves around beauty of a love affair that is expected to be ended with a special episode that is to level the dais, "he said meaningfully.
menoktahkan /> Before trial, Ana dicuit questions about the first happy day portrayed will be held on 25 February. Ana asks prayer for her wedding day accelerated and Alhamdulillah it seemed to have answered.

Just says Ana, did not occur to him not to invite the media that had been loyal support as written in a gossip column. It is learned that Ana is easier to lock the mouth of the date of the happy day because they can not obscure the story's participation in AJL 26.

According to reliable sources, a press conference announcing the historic day Ana and Naim will be held on January 31 in Kuala Lumpur. type="application/x-shockwave-flash"

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<b>Yuna</b>, &#39;Live Your Life&#39; (Produced by Pharrell Williams) -- Free MP3 <b>...</b>

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 02:18 PM PST

Johnny Nunez, WireImage As Busta Rhymes readies his Cash Money debut, he has…

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