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Aaron Aziz - Google Blog Search

Aaron Aziz - Google Blog Search

<b>Aaron</b> victims of Internet defamation |

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 05:16 PM PDT

Tuesday day enough uproar for the popular actor Aaron Aziz, 36, when a broadcast entertainment portal Singapore identity card that allegedly belong to him.

What a disappointing film hero and KL Gangster Love waves, the name on his own identity card design it bore the names Mat Mat Aziz Mustafa Mustapha Haron who allegedly is the real name of Aaron.

Since the card was spread on the Internet, Aaron cheating the fans with a glamorous name Aaron Aziz.

The question is what is the real name Aaron? interview Follow Kosmo! with Aaron who is currently shooting 80-episode drama titled Adam & Eve issue of Global Station for analyzing the question.

Kosmo!: Since when Aaron know that using a picture identification card and the name of Mustapha Haron Mat spread on Internet?

Aaron: I first came to know at 4am on 2 April. At that time my wife was surfing the Internet. I was very surprised because the picture used was my face but the name used is not my name.

What a play on the mind of Aaron when I first saw the card? I think what did people who make fake identification card. At first I thought he was using the identity card to make a bank loan, but when the view name is not mentioned my name, I feel relieved. Second, I think is people who do no work identification card and deliberately looking for work. So what is your real name Aaron? I think many already know my real name is Aaron Mustapha Aziz not Mat Mat Aziz Mustafa Mustapha Haron. I am now in the process to obtain permanent resident status in Malaysia, if not believe, can check with the relevant departments of this my real name. Aaron was accused of cheating when the IC design fans that spread over the Internet, comments? I know many who remember the name of Aaron Aziz is a glamorous name, but that is my real name. If I was born with another name, I will use his real name despite what the name sounds. I do not fool fans with my name. For Aaron is the commercial name before important sounds of an artist? Maybe every artist is no particular reason if they use the commercial name and not name true. What I want to see their personal privacy is maintained. If people know that maybe people will use to things like making bad loans without the knowledge of the artist. Artists who deliberately use the commercial name, for I am not mistaken. It is up to yourself if they are more comfortable and confident using a different name. Other names, hear stories of Aaron got a contract worth RM11.5 million a year to be an ambassador of a beverage product. Really? Not true at all. I am now the Ambassador Drive M7 beverage products, which can be in the same time I became ambassadors of other beverage products. If there is, thank God, but really I never sign any other beverage products M7 Drive.

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