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Aaron Aziz - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 11 Apr 2012 07:16 PM PDT


JOHOR BARU – Entertainer's number one land, the Commissioner condemned the statement Beatles Taruddin dissatisfaction Zed Zaidi Twitter account on the title success Aaron Aziz Most Popular Star Award 2011, Monday." br />
As a child art and famous singer and experienced in the art world, The Beatles said main actor Sembilu 2005 action is unwarranted.

"To my knowledge, this award may be entered by any of the artists who contributed to the increase in land art industry regardless of their nationality.

"This award is a result of the voting fans. From start selection 'top five' until the results of the winners is made.

"The question of citizenship need not be an issue, if we insist so much already, how long we should do so because the world of music is universal," he said, who also received a Silver award at the ceremony, Sri, told reporters after Secretaries Week 2012 event, themed "Afternoon of Elegance" at the Convention Centre Johor Persada here, today.

At the ceremony, guests 1.500 Some of the workers who are ex officio secretary delighted with the action and singing performances dazzling diva's number one home.

Among the songs performed by renowned singer is Cindai, Ballad Medley gather Merindu Purnama title, You Love, Trust and Non-Ordinary Love tremendous applause for all guests.

Siti said, all employees in this country are expected to join and compete against each other well in the arts and entertainment industry thereby enhancing the quality of water, respectively.

"If there are artists from abroad who successful, make it as a motivator for us. Artists this country should be a healthy competition by improving quality, "he said.

Media report Zed Zaidi statement in which Twitter accounts are not satisfied with the success of Singapore born artist, Aaron Aziz, after clinching the award Baiturrahman 2011 in Genting Highlands, on Tuesday.

controversial due to expression of the fact that more proud if local artists won the prestigious artists and thanks to the people of Malaysia for foreign artists to promote industrial damage art.


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