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<b>Rita</b> re ready menjanda |

Posted: 15 Apr 2012 04:16 PM PDT

Rita Rudaini acting his oldest son, is tired of Darkness Rizqin Rayyan in reply to media queries during a birthday party on Wednesday.


GIFTS Rita Rudaini birthday of the 36th this year, perhaps the most painful gift of had received during his lifetime. No flowers or a small card written 'I love you,' much less kiss love love sign by the husband, all is now a distant memory.

The day before the birthday celebration that is celebrated in a five star hotel in the capital, Rita received short message service (SMS) from her husband, Aidil Zafuan Abdul Radzak, 25, who said their divorce application has been sent to court sharia.

Sepahit any way challenge that comes, it must be swallowed. Rita is so, even bitter, his lips still have a smile as calm as possible. Desperate moments across to Songkhla, Thailand to get married without parental blessing from the man on February 25, 2008 would sneak in mind.

All for love and for love also, they now turned into two people to blame each other between one another. Love is beautiful, sweet and bold but at the moment, love is a poison that was punishing her children Rayyan Rizqin Darkness, 3, and Darkness Rafiqa Arjuna, one, who did not understand the meaning of divorce. Struggle home Rita and Aidil Zafuan ladder began in October last year when the football players to claim custody of the remains of Rayyan and the application to be loyal to Rita Rudaini in Seremban.

Date January 10 last, Rita shocked by SMS Eid Zafuan that leaves the house while she was at home in Arau, Perlis.

With a swarming media want to know the status of marriage on Wednesday, Rita admitted he had received the documents filed for divorce Eid. Currently, the couple awaiting a hearing date.

Not satisfied with a press conference during the day of birth, contact Rita to make some clarifications. Why is the problem you can get to this point? Rita Rudaini: I do not know, our domestic problems are Aidil own family problems. I know he was still young, but old or young, vital mind. From the beginning marriage until now, my own self. I can not be discussed but if she insisted to me, I can be hard with him. How to contact Rita and her husband do? I have discouraged him. I need a firm to protect me and my son but it did not happen. Despite the various problems even though I want a man (husband) matured and decisively to solve it and do not run from problems. At the moment I was very discouraged with his actions. I am not willing to see people do this kind to my children. How about Rita household during the four years with him? Of that there is, but can be calculated with the fingers. Only God knows how I felt. I survive because I want the best for all of us live. But I am pleased if this was his destiny. I do not regret it. Several times we almost divorced, but we both want the best return for. If the divorce to happen, child custody is in what way? I will defend my children finished it out. Although difficult, even the children will stay with me and God alone can we parted. After this, I would prefer my children and raise them properly. He never left me and the children without a single cent, and now he wanted to grab the rights of children. If he is brave, grab

How to contact the children by their fathers?

most small children still do not know anything. But the eldest son was close to me. So he did not ask directly about his father after four months, I see. During the four months he was out of the house, he was not living in the family home alone, he has a house in Kuala Lumpur. Two weeks he would come look at my children and my SMS asking what children are doing. There are times when I reply, there were times I did not reply. I do not live in India until he can not come and see me. If the parents they want to see in what way? Two weeks ago she came to want to see Rayyan, Rayyan 10 minutes he was persuaded to Rayyan came to hide behind but I do not want to see him.

Are you ready menjanda again?

On the first day I'm ready to marry. What's more peaceful home often since married, even though I often try clear the air.

Over the years a lot of you gave a statement, why? There Aidil provide maintenance? By Allah, I do not lie and I dare swear. Time he left his home, a cent or a box of milk he does not give to children. After three months of home leave, he was allowed to RM1, 500, sufficient to much money for the expenses of two children. He may be able to deceive people, but he can not deceive ourselves, and most importantly, do not deceive God. If the RM1, 500 is claimed to be not neglected maintenance, how to maintain for three months before that?

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