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Alyah - Google Blog Search

<b>Alyah</b> Maaf Kerana Seksi Di Mania | Rima Alliq Entertainment

Posted: 07 May 2012 04:27 AM PDT

The appearance of a singer, Alyah eliminated in week eight Mania last Saturday's concert has been disputed by some parties as may seem shameful or can be considered sexy.

Alyah a red short dress above knee level and denied intentionally exposing his arms to appearance sexy clothes but he explained it was her real self.

"I do not think my appearance on this night there may be a bit overwhelming, but as these seem the first time I mengenakakan short dresses above knee level while making a presentation at Mania.

"Frankly I do not want to watch too much taking into account what people will talk about my appearance when out in public or during a presentation.

"In fact, I will act according to my own, but it is not up too much because what I am wearing today is myself and not have pakasaan of any party," he told the berkahirnya Mania concert yesterday.

The angle of the track In The Heart and Love from the late Datuk Sudirman Hj Arshad, Alyah which is under the Empire Blue Mania Galaxy had to leave to have the lowest SMS votes from viewers.

However, with open Alyah apologize if any parties are not happy with her appearance on that night.

"I however apologize if there are not happy with my appearance, but believe me, this is me and I do not want to be hypocritical.

"Anyhow, I like to try something and will change from time to time," he said.

Meanwhile, Alyah a little disappointed with the removal of the evening, said he and Aubrey will come together to produce a song for his latest studio album.

"I am a bit disappointed because I have given you the most good for the show tonight. But I'm proud that I went out with a dignified manner.

"What is certain, after this I will return to complete my album that was delayed for some time since last year again.

"The album will contain six songs in all, I have received service for music composer Lena Sahara Yassin and a song more than my teacher is Aubrey," she added.

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