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Posted: 29 Jun 2012 07:02 PM PDT

Canadian lobster gala feast

Posted: 29 Jun 2012 06:10 AM PDT

IMG 54351 Guest Post: Delicious Canada

by brian dye

Canada Brand and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Korea (Can Cham) recently held their 'Delicious Canada gala dinner'.  Canadian hospitality and grace filled the Grand Hilton ballroom. Despite being a formal affair Can Cham infused the usual dry formalities that accompany such events with a sense of wry amusement and ebullience all in the service of celebrating Canadian Food products in the land of the morning calm.

The night began in stunning fashion with Canadian owned Craftworks providing a tasting of their tantalizing micro-brewed beer. Whether you were in the mood for a breezy pilsner, a creamy stout, or a nutty dark ale Craftworks appeased every tastebud. Following the welcoming speech from Don McKenzie, Chairman of Can Cham, and David Chatterson, Canadian Ambassador, the guests sat down for the highlight of the evening: a special 5 course 'Lobster Gala' meal.

IMG 54651 Guest Post: Delicious Canada

An appetizer of lobster pastrami with micro greens, whiskey cola caviar dusted with lemon along with a red pimento avocado sheet set the bar high for the remaining courses. The greens added a refreshing crunch while the avocado was deliciously cool. The second course took me by surprise.

IMG 54671 Guest Post: Delicious Canada

A lobster cappuccino with a brandy frothy proved to be a creamy concoction and one eye opening experience that left subtle notes of cayenne and tarragon.

IMG 54921 Guest Post: Delicious Canada

The main event arrived next; half a Canadian lobster perfectly cooked along with a Canadian flat iron roast rubbed judiciously with coffee and served with spinach horseradish puree and a potato gratin. Roast practically slid off my fork it was so tender.

IMG 54941 Guest Post: Delicious Canada

The fourth course proved to be a palate cleanser with a seasonal mixed salad with pomegranates and Canadian honey dressing.

IMG 54981 Guest Post: Delicious Canada

Dessert took the shape of Nanaimo bar with maple mousse and red currant compote. The chocolaty cookie almost overwhelmed but thankfully the mousse and bite of the raspberry balanced out the dessert nicely.

The evening concluded with the musical selections of a Canadian Celtic band. All in all the night proved to be a spectacular showcase for Canadian food products. The next couple events on the horizon for Canada Brand and Can Cham include a June 30th boat cruise along the Han. Tickets can be purchased via Can Cham or Craftworks. There is also a July 1st, Canadian Barbecue in the works to be held at the embassy with the Ambassador as host.

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