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Diana Danielle - Google Blog Search

Diana Danielle - Google Blog Search

<b>Diana Danielle</b> Answer Allegations play &#39;Diva&#39; |

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 12:16 PM PDT

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PETALING JAYA: actress Diana Danielle Danny pretty thin so-called allegations he refused to be big-headed and play 'diva' for refusing to share the story of their relationship with the actor and film director Farid Kamil.

Diana, 21, said he hoped his request for not posing with or often talked about their relationship is not misleading with such accusations.

"I hope people do not accuse me of that (acting diva) just because I'm not comfortable to meet the demands of the media to take photographs with Farid or declared on our story.

"I think everyone already knows about us, so no need for me to keep sharing all our progress from time to time. I'm not very comfortable if we continue associated together in most of the time, "he told mStar Online. He said he felt more comfortable if the story of their relationship with actor Farid Kamil is not directly dealt with for fear it will obscure the story of their career.

"I'm worried people will feel uncomfortable and bored if we keep 'stick' and junior relationship story over their careers.

" To take care of of all, I apply the principles and my request was honored, "he said.

direction starred on the results of Namewee Ghost Gangster Farid Kamil as well as when he refused to act together once said, Diana explained he would not accept the offer if know actors also starred.

"When offered, I do not know their (production) also offer this project to Farid. I accept the offer of this film because she wanted to work with Namewee and challenging ourselves to bring comic character who first offered to me, "he said.

New, Diana is a break from acting commitments for the first six months of this year, will busy on location shooting a film called We Hysteria issue Red Films during Ramadan.

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