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Based love Islam <b>Jue Aziz</b> & Azam Pitt |

Posted: 22 Jul 2012 12:16 AM PDT

class="story_image center; style="width:449px">  special Ramadan TV – Ilaika Joseph.

PETALING JAYA: : The appearance of the lovely actress Jue Aziz and Azam Pitt drama Ilaika Joseph will make many people enthralled and amazed by the love relationship played out.

Drama which has have found an audience since July 13 last, take the love story Umaira (Jue) and Joseph (Azam) is so loving with each other, but the affair was made based on religion.

This story begins when Umaira, Intan, Aishah, Steven and Bob riding in a van, they enjoy the panoramic beauty of the village and its surroundings.

When the van approached the nearest village, she heard the voice of prayer yusuf is steady.

When praying the Maghrib prayers in mosques, Joseph and Umaira each other's eyes. Diamond and she talked about him but Umaira kekacakan show no interest.

Joseph expressed his reluctance to be appointed as chairman of the youth who gave him the mosque to the spirit of Jacob. Salina deliver food to Joseph and Jacob. Umaira clash with Salina and Salina disappointed because he thought the love of Joseph. no conscious existence at the heart of love Umaira Joseph and vice versa. But it is never easy when their relationships get stuck. At the same time Joseph Umaira feeling confused over him as he was a misunderstanding to say Umaira refused to accept them as a friend one time because of a poor family.

Instead Umaira behave so when he thought Joseph and Salina are related.

Umaira return to Kuala Lumpur has changed everything. Much less before returning home, he could understand the situation that Joseph just think Salina as a friend.

however, they encountered fierce resistance contact their families. Drama 26 episode order this Fadzillah Haris Aida also starred Khalida, Hamidah Wahab, Roslan Salleh and Ramasundram. It is published every Monday through Friday through the channel TVI.

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