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Zizan Razak - Google Blog Search

Zizan Razak - Google Blog Search

<b>Zizan Razak</b> Denies Refusing to Spend Time With Fans |

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 07:25 PM PST

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PETALING JAYA : Comedian Zizan Razak insists he never ignore the fans even though there was no farewell ceremonyorganized for those who have always supported it.
Zizan Zizan real name Abdul Razak, 28, said it wasSeveral times, he plans to do so as artistswho appreciate their fans, but time constraints makes planning was not to be.
"It is not no thinking, but every time planning to do thefor the fans must not be as busy with work.
"While I am not like other artists who always celebratefans, but they remain in the hearts and some had neverignore them so loyal to me.
"But in return, I will ensure agiven is the best and that is the way Imake the fans happy and satisfied, "he said.
Add Zizan, however, she will organize aspecial event for the fans when they have free timelater.
Asked whether the situation makes Zizan want to show the value ofexclusive in itself, a comedian who is also a rapperthrough song Bring Me Go (featuring Kaka) denied it.
Tell native of Rajasthan, she is not a celebrity whoput a value exclusive to stay away from the fans, and at the same time never felt so special thatneed her so called.
"What's important to me is quality. Fans want thingsquality of their favorite artists. And that's what Ifor now.
"And I will do the job in that field suits me.
"May as an example, I will give you the best in art acting and hosting, but not as a singer, because the voiceI'm not good, "selorohnya.

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