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Posted: 02 Jan 2013 07:11 PM PST

Okey..Let me first assure all of you that I'm in love with Fahrin Ahmad since 2002. Really in fact by early 2007 every one that close to me know this.. I event make sure my mom know that this is the kind of guy my eyes see amazing. (since they planned to hook me up with a sassy guy back then. Can you imagine?) How ever when a gossip ( Should I call it true story?) widely known by Malaysian about FA and Linda Onn, I kindda frustrated. Of couse, I really love this guy.. And planned to marry him one day (such a childish gesture right?).

Then he broke up with LO and swept away by Scha Al YAhya. This is when we heard alot of  rumors about him beating LO. Huge guy like him beating LO with for sure coz fatal injuries.Rumors has it again later that year when SAY dumped him for Awal and later on caught in night club reported by press drunk. (Which of cause they denied it later by saying she on antibiotic and can't be possibly be stupid enough to drink. True eh? Can't meh?)

By then he is sooo forgotten. But before I went for holiday in Medan. I saw a sneak preview about this story about him and Fathia called Cinta Halal. So when I back in town, I search for this telemovie on Youtube. Found it, watch it and fallen in love back with this fella. Damn.. My hubby gonna hate me for this..And soon I'll be his "kipas susah mati" again.. Sigh!!

Ending yang cute nak mampos!! Gagagaga..

And I really love how Izmi (Fathia charecter in Cinta Halal) described him to her mother.

Upon discussing a guy Izmi fond of (in front of his meeting room)…

Mak : Ya Allah.. (sighing)  Tua kut? Mana sesuai dengan ko. Dia sesuai dengan mak.

She peek and found out why..Shake her head and said,

Izmi : Ehh..Bukan yang tua tu aa tu..tu yang chomell..chomeel..yang gedhang-gedhanng kat hujung tu…

Serius suka perkataan Gedhang tu. Why? Because it was exactly how I describe him to my fellow friend back in 2002… Hahaha.. Bak kata this girl la

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