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Sara Ali - Google Blog Search

Sara Ali - Google Blog Search

<b>Sara Ali</b> Khan

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 10:09 AM PST

Sara Ali Khan BiographySara Ali Khan

  • Real Name: Sara Ali Khan
  • Father: Saif Ali Khan
  • Mother: Amrita Singh
  • Birthdate:

Sara Ali Khan is a daughter of Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh who has made her debut in the glamour world. Sara Ali Khan has appeared on the cover page of Hello Magazine's January issue along with her mother Amrita Singh. Sara is getting lots of film offers to make a debut.

Saif Ali Khan is known to be extremely fond of both his children, son Ibrahim and daughter Sara, and pampers them like a proud papa. Kareena too, has reportedly established a comfortable rapport with her new beau's children. They have reportedly accompanied the two on several family holidays.

Recent reports had suggested that Sara Ali Khan is keen to follow in her father's footsteps and soon joining films. The family has neither confirmed nor denied the story. But soon she will be doing her debut in Bollywood.
Sara Ali Khan

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2013 is also looking at taking nothing short of a head-start with first Race 2 (January) and then Go Goa Gone (February) hitting the screens. Later in the year, his Bullet Raja would hit the screens as well. Meanwhile there have also been rumors making rounds around his daughter Sara Ali Khan seeing a head-start for her as well after being wooed by many a filmmaker to enter Bollywood.

Sara Ali Khan

Says a source, "though Amrita Singh went on record to confirm that as many as five major filmmakers had approached with an interest of launching Sara Ali Khan, there isn't much that one has heard from Saif. Moreover, even Amrita has been guarded in confirming any Bollywood plans for the daughter and stated that at present Sara Ali Khan is contemplating whether she wants to make a career in Bollywood, medical or law."

No wonder, Saif Ali Khan too is a guarded lot. Without willing to disclose much, he says, "Sara would be going to the university first. Post her education she may choose to work wherever she finds happiness or where her interests lie. There is nothing more to that."

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