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Lirik Lagu Around The World oleh <b>Mizz Nina</b> feat Jay Park

Posted: 17 May 2013 12:34 PM PDT

[*] I'm livin' my life
Cause this is my time
And I fell like touching the sky
I travel the globe
I want you to roll
Around the world
Around the world we go

Nope, some cannot keep up (up, up, up)
Catch me jet-setting from point A to B
And if we're only livin' once (once, once, once)
Best believe we're makin' history

From Malaysia to Korea
Gonna need a couple of Visas
While I'm rackin' up the miles
I'm gonna go wild (wild, wild)

Repeat [*]

(Around the world)
(Around the world)

Gonna set it off up in this club (set it off, set it off, set it off)
I feel like floatin' when you're touching me
Feels like I'll never get enough (enough, enough, enough)
Gotta leave your country but I'll be back in a week

From Korea to Malaysia
On a very special occasion
Girl I'm rackin' up the miles
So let's go wild (wild, wild)

Repeat [*]

(Around the world)
(Around the world)

[Jay Park's Rap] :
Naneun jim ulsa
Kong hang uro ga
FIRST CLASS TICKET keungo bi heng gi ruel ta
Kong yon jang aeso muderul jul gi go wa
AFTER PARTY IS kon bae sul ddala
segerul deol go deol go onul do moruego
But it's all good, we can start with you, girl
Jay Park, Mizz Nina, go around the world
Come on!

(Translation of Jay Park's rap :
I pack my bag
Go to the airport
Buy a FIRST CLASS TICKET and get on a plane
At the concert hall, enjoy my stage
AFTER PARTY IS toast and pour liquor
Roll around the world, don't even know today
But it's all good, we can start with you, girl
Jay Park, Mizz Nina, go around the world
Come on!)

We're flying, we're flying
We're flying high
We're makin' moves, we're makin' moves
We're makin' moves around the world

Repeat [*]

(Around the world) (3x)

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Lirik Around The World - Mizz Nina feat Jay Park, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

<b>Mizz Nina</b> Around The World Concert #Lirik @lagubestbest

Posted: 16 May 2013 01:03 PM PDT

Mizz Nina Around The World Concert

Date: 18 May 2013
Venue: KL Live
Time: 8:30 PM
Ticket: RM70-RM150 (Redtix)

Info: Mizz Nina 'Around The World' Concert is a celebration on Mizz Nina's music album, Around The World. Around The World single with special guest appearance Jay Park, really put the vibes on high. Expect Mizz Nina with full energetic stage performance live, sensational affair for fans of pop, R&B, hip hop and dance music, complemented with a top-notch live band. Mizz Nina will also be accompanied by her husband Noh from Hujan Band, and the full members of her former glory band, Teh Tarik Crew (Altimet, Fiquetional and DJ Fuzz).

Around The World concert poster:

Mizz Nina Aroudn The World Concert

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