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Aaron Aziz - Google Blog Search

Aaron Aziz - Google Blog Search

<b>Aaron Aziz</b> Marking A Major Milestone in Showbiz Career - Kari Sauce

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 05:15 AM PDT

Aaron Aziz will be marking a major milestone in his showbiz career tomorrow when he makes his debut in a bio-documentary on E! Entertainment (Astro channel 712) at 8.30pm. He will be the first Singaporean movie star to be featured on the entertainment channel.

Interviewed by broadcasting personality Marion Caunter, Aaron talks about his childhood, his days working in a multitude of servant jobs and his effort by Singapore's Manhunt competition, which kick-started his acting career.

The interview-cum-documentary about Aaron Aziz's career & childhood takes his fans up close and personal with their favourite idol. The award-winning person based in Kuala Lumpur reveals that he started employed at the age of 13.

"I was, at various times, a waiter, an air conditioner technician, a car salesman and a cleaner at Changi Airport. My mother sold chicken rice and I wanted to earn my own money so as not to be dependent on her," he says.

"I had dreams to make it as an actor so I registered for the competition. Initially, my sister discouraged me but she gave in when she saw I was determined to try something different and get out of my comfort zone."

"This documentary shows that there's a lot more to me than my career. Viewers can get to know me better from entertainment veterans who have played a part in my career, too," says Aaron, adding that it is an honour to represent not only Singaporean actors but also the regional ones in the popular documentary series. One day, he says, he hopes to penetrate the Western movie market.

Aaron Aziz is a Singaporean actor popular in Malaysia & Singapore. He acted in local action movies such as 'KL Gangster' & car drifting movie 'Evolusi KL Drift' which is a hit movies among the locals.

Source via NST

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