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Yuna - Google Blog Search

Yuna - Google Blog Search

Adventure Club feat. <b>Yuna</b> – Gold | Get Lifted Tonight

Posted: 29 Aug 2013 01:42 PM PDT


Adventure Club, in their latest Superheroes Vol. 3, premiered their brand new single Gold, featuring the lovely vocal of familiar talent Yuna. Collaborating previously on Lullabies, the three join up again to give us another signature and surprisingly energetic chillstep single. Having just caught them live at a sold out show in Orlando, the crowds (like many of you) were already well aware of the track when played live. Second to perhaps only their remix of Crave You, the single brought energy levels to an all time high in the venue and was a great highlight of the night for everyone, alongside huge big room tracks and famous originals.

This isn't musical drama for its own sake, but rather the next development of a scene where bass music does more than inspire fists in the air and a good time. Featuring Malaysian singer/songwriter Yuna on vocals, "Gold" was written almost as an inspirational ode for their fans, following the group's success with their Krewella collaboration, "Rise and Fall." - Billboard

Premiered today on Billboard, the single's media appearance alone is setting the tone for how absolutely massive this release is about to be. And, if you've yet to catch it live, head over to their Facebook to find when they'll be in a city near you soon – it is well worth it. We're loving the new material from the two and can't wait for more like it! Stay Gold!

Adventure Club and Yuna's new single Gold is available September 17th, via BMG.

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via Billboard

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