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Akim - Google Blog Search

Gallotti & Radice | <b>AKIM</b> tables collection |

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 01:00 AM PDT

Furniture AKIM 300 x 120 x h 74 cm,
Top: Extralight glass 15 mm, 
Structure: glass painted blue

AKIM is a new system of tables of different shapes and sizes, characterized by the refinement of the central base in the shape of an octagon with sides of different sizes, in covered glass, in the range of colors Gallotti & Radice, or mirrored glass.

The project continues the refined search by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti in design with the use of glass and mirror sculptural volumes and geometric patterns, which are emphasized in the play of reflections and unexpected view.

AKIM design Buratti 02

AKIM provides a wide range, for use at the office, contract, special projects: the system allows modular tables to structure very large, with the use of multiple bases, connected by a metal beam hidden under the floor, which also serves as a cable channel.

The bases are in fact channeled and inspected to enable the complete wiring of the table.

Designer: Gabriele and Oscar Buratti
Producer: Gallotti & Radice

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