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<b>Altimet&#39;s</b> Kotaraya Album Launch | GUMBALL

Posted: 20 Apr 2014 06:01 PM PDT

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We were thrilled when we found out about Altimet's school-themed album art and that it was being used for the Kotarayaku album launch, which was held at his former school SMK (L) Bukit Bintang, Petaling Jaya. We arrived early for the press conference that went down at the school hall – which was transformed into 'Dewan Kotarayaku' – where the showcase will also take place. Arrows were cleverly placed on the floor to guide you to the hall and when we arrived at the registration table, we were also given a medal to celebrate the spirit of being in school – and I have to note that it was my first medal ever, so thank you!

Inside, Ean from Hitz.FM introduced Altimet to the stage to perform three songs before going into the Q&A session and then we were being escorted outside the hall, where it was transformed into a canteen area with delicious BBQ grub prepared by the chefs at Joe's Kitchen, a table full of snacks that brings back childhood memories and there's even my personal favourite ice-cream on a bun served on a bike. Everything was perfectly planned and the drizzle didn't even stop us from enjoying the moment as they really went all the way to impress us.

Of course, the showcase went down later that evening and everybody came out to support Altimet despite the poor weather. Altimet brought in Joe Flizzow, Sona One, Awi Rafael, Noh Salleh, Salammusik, Kraft, and not forgetting his main DJ, Kartel Hitmen's very own AshyAsh to back him up. We also invited the talented Melissa Toh to capture the showcase (top gallery) for those of you who missed it. Overall, it was a success and the effort being put into this Kotarayaku album launch was highly appreciated. Now make sure you purchase your copy of Altimet's Kotarayaku album on iTunes or at your nearest major music stores now!

Photos: Melissa Toh & Miranda Yeoh

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