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Yuna - Google Blog Search

Featured Blogger: <b>Yuna</b> Lee | IFBK

Posted: 15 Apr 2014 06:00 PM PDT

1outfitKorean Style: As Seen By Yuna Lee

With short, dark brown hair framing her small face, Seoulite and fashion blogger, Yuna Lee's sweet demeanor sharply contrasts against her style: edgy with a scoop of girly and a touch of glam. Anyone who has roamed Seoul's paths and alleyways can attest to the average Koreans' amazing sense of fashion, styled anyway from minimalist to straight from a K-Pop video. For those anxious to learn more, keep reading as Yuna shows us what Korean fashion really is all about.

Most city-dwellers agree that there can never be too much black… Or leather. In a color exuding chic and timeless vibes, Yuna shows off a Korean twist with an outfit that can take you from dinner to dancing. Despite wearing all black and leather, Yuna maintains a girly aura with a floral-printed leather jacket and an a-line leather skirt decorated with cutouts across the hem. She keeps it simple elsewhere: A basic shirt hiding underneath a jacket, a simple necklace hanging around her neck, and a couple of rings to adorn her delicate fingers.

2outfit 3VOV Jacket  |  Stylenanda Skirt  |  UZ Ring

2lookMany Koreans enjoy wearing outfits combining elegance and effortlessness that take them from work, lunch, and possibly the unexpected. Yuna shows off a polished and simplistic mixture by beginning with a short-sleeve black dress. Then adding a statement necklace takes this outfit to a new height of elegance, but the warm, oversized leopard print cardigan brings a splash of casualness. Yuna layers a few rings and pulls her hair back to push the outfit further into a casual feel. However, with a tug and release of her hair and removing her cardigan, she will emit a whole new vibe instantly.

2look3 2look4Bershka Cardigan  |  Blackmuse Necklace

3look1Dressed for shopping in one of Seoul's many fashion districts, Yuna creates a casual, yet detailed outfit. A black zippered top with a sheer geometric pattern draped across her thin shoulders, she embodies the aura of a Korean woman–subtle sexiness. Paired with textured black skinnies, black booties, and large purple earrings, she maintains her edge while keeping her comfort. Let's face it: Going in and out of fitting rooms and piling clothes a mile high, shopping needs an outfit to withstand the storm.

3look2 3look3VOV Blouse  |  Zara Pants  |  Blackmuse Earrings

4look1If there is one thing Koreans know how to do, it is how to work a glamours look. Wearing a navy top with large leather pockets and black skinnies, Yuna could have easily ended her outfit there. Instead, she threw on a gorgeous beige and white striped faux fur coat, instantly covering her in a catwalk feel. Accessorizing with feminine necklaces, black buckled high heel booties, and a black clutch, she is ready for anything. With a pop of pink lips, she carries glam into the streets of Seoul.

4look2Zara Blouse  |  VOV Pants  |  Betsey Johnson Earrings & Necklace  |  Jinny Kim Heels

4look3Korea has made a name for itself as one of the fashion centers of the world, and after seeing Yuna's style, is it hard to see why? Learn more fashion secrets by checking out Yuna's blog and Instagram @fashionbunnyuna.


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