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Whopper: Marseille Striker <b>Andre</b>-<b>Pierre</b> Gignac Unhappy Over New <b>...</b>

Posted: 18 Apr 2014 03:32 AM PDT

By Chris Wright

France Soccer League One

Burger King have reportedly incurred the wrath of Marseille's Andre-Pierre Gignac after launching a new advert in France that pokes fun at the striker's…erm, shall we say…"heavy-set physique".

According to La Provence newspaper, Burger King have decided to play on the fact that visiting fans regularly chant "a Big Mac for Gignac" by cobbled together the following advert in a bid to publicise the opening of a new branch in Marseille…


However, La Provence are also reporting that Gignac is unsurprisingly less than amused with his name being used in fast food adverts and, should Burger King fail to appease him, the Marseille forward – who is currently third in the Ligue 1 scoring charts after sticking away 14 goals in 30 games so far this season – is more than happy to take his case to court.

Now if you'll excuse us, Pies would like to spend a couple of minutes patting ourselves on the back for making it through that without making one single Pulp Fiction reference.

(Via ESPN/Image: @BurgerKingFR)

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