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Shila Amzah - Google Blog Search

Shila Amzah - Google Blog Search

<b>Shila Amzah</b> LOVE Concert Live in Malaysia 茜拉《爱》大马演唱会[13 <b>...</b>

Posted: 15 Apr 2014 12:00 AM PDT

Shila Amzah 茜拉, Malaysia own renowned artist is going to launch her very first concert in Malaysia this coming 13 September 2014. Shila Amzah LOVE Concert in Malaysia, jointly organized by Mega Ultimate, and Shila Amzah Entertainment. Since it is still long way to go, they haven't decide which venue to use but they revealed a few things on the press conference which held at KL Tower this evening.
Shila Amzah 茜拉 will invite a male singer (local/international) so that they can sing love songs and duet together. Shila Amzah 茜拉 also shared that if LeeHom 王力宏 is her special guest, she will be too nervous to sing her song properly but it would be great if LeeHom can be a suprise on the concert day itself. If I have the decision to choose who to duet with Shila, it will be non other than 光良Guang Liang and 曹格 Gary Chaw. They are both powerful male vocal in Malaysia!
Shila Amzah 茜拉 and the organizers has planned to have her concert in other countries such as Singapore, China, and etc. Her first concert will kick off on 16 August 2014 in Shanghai, China.

 Shila Amzah LOVE Concert 2014 is a whole new and 100% Malaysia production. Ms. Jennifer Thomson, a lady who has over 30 years of experience as event manager will be the concert producer. Ms. Helen Yap , who is a famous music producer with more than 29 years of experience, will be the music director. She has been working closely with Shila Amzah for the past 13 years.
On a side note, Shila Amzah 茜拉 together with Mr. Ong Peng Chu are in the progress to launch Shila Amzah first ever Chinese Album in June. In conjunction with Shila Amzah LOVE COncert Live in Malaysia 2014, Shila Amzah will be back in Malaysia next month (May) for her concert ticket launch with autograph session. For more information, stay tuned on my blog or listen to MyFM and EraFM!

Shila Amzah LOVE Concert Live in Malaysia 2014 is co-organized by Mega Ultimate Sdn Bhd and Shila Amzah Entertainment Berhad, Official Radio Station is MYFM and EraFM, Warner Music Malaysia is the Official Recording Label, Official Mall is Paradigm Mall, Official Hotel is Premiere Hotel, and Official Watch is Alexandre Christie. Shila Amzah LOVE Concert Live in Malaysia 2014 concert ticket price will be ranging as follow:
  • VIP - RM268*
  • PS1 - RM138*
  • PS2 - RM88 *

*Excluding RM3 ticketing adminstration fee

For more information about Shila Amzah 茜拉 LOVE Concert Live in Malaysia [13 September 2014], stay tuned on this site or visit MegaUltimate Facebook Page and Ticket Charge to purchase your ticket soon.

PS: Hashtag for this concert is #LoveConcertShilaAmzah

As usual, I am here to share some extra photos to document the press conference. Noticed Shila Amzah's parents were there too and they looks good together =) Never forget to get a #TCSelfie for sure haha!

Since I was at the top of the KL City, it is a must to take a photo frop the top of KL Tower (Menara KL). Hope you guys like it =D I am looking forward for Shila Amzah's concert this September!! Let's hope I do have tickets giveaway for this one!! Perhaps your SHARE and LIKE will helps?

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