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Tiz Zaqyah - Google Blog Search

Tiz Zaqyah - Google Blog Search

MyNewsHub | <b>Tiz Zaqyah</b> Not Bothered By Sexually-Charged <b>...</b>

Posted: 19 May 2014 10:33 PM PDT

Even though laws and guidelines were strictly imposed on Instagram followers, but that doesn't stop them from violating them.

The micro site, which allow users to share photos and use their custom filters to enhance them, is popular among celebrities and civilians alike.

Just like any other social media, when you have your life laid out publicly there's bound to be trouble. The easy targets? Celebrities.

foto-terkini-tiz-zaqyah tiz rambut hotlips (5)

Tiz Zaqyah is just another example of how cruel and insensitive some people could be on line.

The actress, known for her role as Nur Amina  in the hit television series Nur Kasih, was bombarded with offensive and lewd comments by fans on her Instagram account.

However, Tiz is not the least affected by the damaging messages thrown at her, Instead, she would proceed to block the culprit before deleting the distasteful comments.

"There are times when I feel infuriated by the nasty remarks made towards me; some are just way out of line. What I would do is just to ignore them; if ever I feel that my personal space is being mutilated, then I would think nothing of it and discard the comments myself," she told Rotikaya.


Tiz, whose now rocking a fresh Hayley Williams-fiery-red hair colour, is more than comfortable to share her love life on social media.

But fans can wait with bated breath– she is not settling down any time soon as the starlet and her beau are currently focused on their careers.


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