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Posted: 15 Jan 2012 11:40 PM PST

A.K.A:  Sekali Lagi
Year: 2011
Runtime: 1hour 26mn
Country:  Malaysia
Language:  Malay
Subtitles: English
Genre:  Romance
Director:  Hashim Rejab
Cast:  Shaheizy Sam, Lisa Surihani, Mia Sara Nasuha, Bront Palarae

"Sekali Lagi…" tells a story of Arman (Shaheizy Sam) a man with autism who comes across a little girl, Amy, when snatch thieves almost rob him. Amy is a little girl who is smart and independent therefore Arman frequently spends time with Amy, which in turn enables Arman to be more independent. Things become more complicated when Arman meets Amy's mother Sheila (Lisa Surihani). Sheila needs to choose between her boyfriend Faris (Bront Palarae) and Arman (Shaheizy Sam), with whom her daughter has formed a bond with.

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