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Mystical Event 2012 !

Posted: 19 Jan 2012 08:29 PM PST


Hello everyone! well, this will be my 1st post of the new year, 2012 :)

So, how's the new year been treating you all? how was your new year's eve celebration?

As for me, every year i'll stay at home.. to avoid the crowd and the traffic jam.. AND my previous home, i could see all the fireworks (including the ones at klcc!) :)

But this year, 2012 i made an exception.. i went to the Red Carpet Avenue at ENCORP Strand in Kota Damansara with the Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers' babes, to count down to a brand new year (if you've read my previous post).. it was my 1st time to a countdown party :P~

I drove to The Strand and was expecting traffic jam but to my surprise, there wasn't as i think i arrived pretty early ;) hence i had dinner first before the party...

To my surprise, Sarah WAS THERE! i was super duper happy as i've not seen her for the longest time ever since she went to NZ =.=

Anyway, back to the countdown party.. well, what else can i say? of course it was an awesome party..

Besides the great lineup of performers such as Mizz Nina; hip hop artiste Joe Flizzow; rock band, Pop Shuvit; indie-darling, Reza Salleh; Neo-Soul crooner, Najwa Mahiaddin; and violin virtuoso, Dennis Lau and his compatriot, world-ranked beat boxer, Shawn Lee, while Barsonic's resident DJ, Davern Koh aka HypeEmBeats and Jee Hoe of DJ collective Melee Punks spins,

DJs Davern Koh aka HypeEmBeats and Jee Hoe had the crowd jumping
There were performances from the world-class aerialists ala Cirque de Soleil, a "Laserman Experience", 3-D projection mapping and fireworks, which made the 5,000 party-goers in awe..

Lasermanshe, the aerialist made us go, 'oh wow!'a 3D projection before the new year's countdown

FINALLY the fireworks after 12am! :D

Isn't it beauuuuuutifuuuuul?? we were all standing right below! :)

And NOT to forget, the TWO beautiful and sexy hosts
The Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers!We had special guest, Kim Ong joining us that night! Me, sarah and naomi
It was a special night hence we ALL deserve a 'special' drink *wink wink*

So we partied the night away with bottles of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve.. wheee~

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