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Fasha Sandha - Google Blog Search

<b>Fasha Sandha</b> married this April |

Posted: 12 Mar 2012 04:16 AM PDT


News about marriage actress Fasha Sandha more secret arts fans and industry. Previously, various speculations about the marriage date and the latest hot topic Fasha, Fasha said to be completed this period 29 April armor with man at its option, Toh Muda Rizal Ashram Ramli or Jejai.

Denying rumors that, Fasha found during the launch of TV3 Inspirasiku face, not second-guess about his plans of becoming a wife soon.

Refusing to disclose the actual date of marriage, acknowledged Fasha will get married this April in a medium. " br />
"Yes, we will be married this April, but the request to be my husband, I can not reveal the exact date.

When I close date, we will distribute the card without having to no press conference to announce the date.

"After all, a ceremony is simple. I never dreamed of the grand ceremony with the title Wedding Of The Year, the council merely simple enough, but always remembered.

"For us, the medium is even more beautiful because we can mingle with the guests. If too many, we do not want to serve their time, "he said, will be getting married at her future husband bought a house in Ampang.

Refusing sponsored

FIX three reception, in addition to a ceremony held at a new house in Ampang, Fasha also held a reception at home, Perlis and a still secret location outside Malaysia.

"Council first, it was held at the same time the marriage ceremony. We only invite 200 guests.

There is no theme to the first.

"In Bangkok, I chose a traditional theme. Council held longer because so many of my family, maybe 1.000 guests.

"For the third reception, it is outside Malaysia and are limited to 200 guests. It is only for close contacts, "he said.

Other celebrities are more comfortable receiving sponsorship from a particular party, but different in the Fasha and future husband.
Refusing to accept any sponsorship /> of any party, Fasha take such measures as a way to not indebted.
Fasha /> Obviously, the wedding, including four dressing her future husband purchased without sponsorship.

"Since the initial planning, the future husband forbids me to receive a scholarship. He wants to produce its own funds for our ceremony.

"Although I have much to offer sponsorship, but had rejected the request Jejai.

" After difi think of, it's true position to be able to avoid grateful one day.

Let it all out on our own, "he said, the proposal recognizes the second proposal Jejai him.

Cut art activities
/> ASK about the preparation so far, Fasha notify all the equipment conducted in stages.

Although the wedding date is near at hand, Fasha shooting could still play. " br />
"I'm going to France to shoot the drama on 28 March to 6 April. After that, I will devote his full attention to the preparation.

"After everything is done, then I will re-acting. Questions career never prohibit future husband and we have talked about this.

"However, I will limit my acting after becoming a wife.

But I will not stop because many fans who still want to watch me play, "he said, choosing Pulau Redang as a honeymoon location.

With his latest drama, Beautiful Sakura, will be aired on TV3 via Acacia slot, given role plays Fasha as Syaqira, who are facing life and was raised by grandparents, acting Ruminah Sidek.


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Posted: 12 Mar 2012 07:16 AM PDT

<b>Fasha Sandha</b> Akui Sudah Dirisik Jejai, Bakal Berkahwin Tahun Ini |

Posted: 05 Mar 2012 10:47 PM PST

Hate her or love her (aceh speaking) nama Fasha Sandha tak pernah lekang daripada bibir setiap manusia yang mengikuti perkembangan dunia hiburan. Dan selepas tersebarnya gambar Fasha Sandha dan Jejai menghadiri kursus kahwin, Harian Metro hari ini melaporkan yang Fasha sudah pun dirisik oleh Jejai.

fasha dan jejai

Kata Fasha Sandha:-

Alhamdulillah saya terima lamarannya dan dia sudah bertemu keluarga saya untuk merisik. Insya-Allah jika tiada aral melintang dan diberikan rezeki, kami berkahwin dalam tahun ini.

Dan Fasha Sandha mengakui yang dia sememangnya menghadiri kursus kahwin minggu lalu:-

Memang saya dan Jejai menghadiri kursus kahwin minggu lalu. Alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan lancar dan ia satu pengalaman yang baru buat saya. Saya akur dengan gambar yang tersebar kerana status sebagai selebriti membuatkan saya tidak boleh lari. Namun, perkara baik seperti ini tiada apa yang perlu disembunyikan lagi.

Buat masa ini, tempat dan tarikh perkahwinan masih dirahsiakan oleh Fasha. Harap-harap Abang Nara nanti dapatlah jemputan daripada Fasha. Tak sabar nak tengok Fasha dan Jejai bersanding. Confirm meriah. Info kredit Harian Metro.

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