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Saujana Duet With <b>Shahir AF</b>? ~ ALL ABOUT NASHEED

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 05:56 PM PST

Saujana Duet With Shahir AF? - Congratulations to 6ixth Sense and Saujana on the success of their latest single song explainer titled Heart which received quite impressive by the audience recently. The song is often played on local radio stations and even a theme song of the OST for Chocolate Vanilla popular drama series on TV3. Songs that are included in this steady nasyid album Collection positive response from many listeners, especially the nasyid.

Returning to the title of this news, is it really a duet Saujana ShahirAF?

In fact, Saujana has a duet with Shahir in a performance that was not planned ad hoc at all during the reception ceremony Wan Najran and their spouses, Adlina Aini Afifi recently. Meeting this dramatic enough to give real meaning for Wan Najran who became king of a day on that day and for the Saujana and Shahir personally own.

Shahir, 25, was a former member of the Saujana before he quit and joined the most popular television reality program ASTRO Idol Season 8. Although there's no time to record the album together with Saujana but Rihanna is among the active members of Saujana Saujana along with an invitation to meet performance.

May the bonds of fraternity among them will be sustained and may one day be a duet with Shahir Saujana for the song single AF to come ... Who knows, right? Let those who plan and determine ALLAH! As fans, let us pray

Saujana Duet With Shahir AF?

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